Our third of five Dec beard competitors!

The contest is really heating up! Only three more contestants before our 2018 Grand Champion will be chosen!

Let’s not waste any time! Here is  Borke! 

I am Bi. 18 years married to my wife. Crazy guy. I like you. 😜😜😜

Well there you have it! Short and sweet! And thanks for the shout out! It’s always wonderful to be liked!

Bruce in the City

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest December


I hope over the past year every one of my readers have enjoyed my Beard contest. I will be wrapping up this contest at years end. I’m going to miss it to but I will be replacing it with a monthly Spotlight on one bearded fellow I follow @bruceinthecity Instagram account. This person will not only be chosen for their Badass beard but for inspiring others through charity or personal story of strength and resilience! The beard feature will get a new name and I’m really excited to begin my search for the twelve bearded men who will inspire us all in 2019! Of course you will get a chance to vote for them and at the end of the year 2019 a Champion will be chosen to be ambassador for one year!

If you’re wondering where my inspiration comes from with regards to this new blog segment check out this weeks Bearded fellow and get inspired!

Ladies & Gents this is Harry!

facts about me

I am married to my beautiful best friend for almost 20 years & we share 3 children as well as love for new people & adventures!

I am a hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsmen. I find my solitude in the woods.

I make handmade knives, it’s a passion and I also use any fund earned to go towards paying medical bills and saving for a surgery.

I am a cancer fighter & survivor. I was diagnosed at 26 with an in curable rare cancer Multi-System LCH and have fought some big battles along the way. I was then diagnosed with a second cancer Adrenal Cancer 4 years ago and told to make my peace, but here I stand today before you a warrior who will never give in.
I believe we each are given our cross to bare and no matter what this life is precious and worth the journey.

I have always had some type of beard only shaving my full face 2 times , 1 the wife said she had to see ha! 2 for surgery. My beard is as much a part of me as my hands. And love the brotherhood it’s brought in my life.

Thank you Harry! If this doesn’t put a fire under your ass to get up and honour your life then I have no idea what will. As this Holiday season rolls on embrace your own challenges and as Harry reminded us, all of us must be the warriors of our own beautiful life!

Bruce in the City

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Wine with Erik! Christmas Edition 2018

Hey everyone!

It’s almost Christmas time!!! Time for another great wine selection!!

Dr. Loosen Riesling 2017, Mosel, Germany – $14.95
This wine has always been one of my favourite rieslings becuase of its amazing value. but be fast! this wine fly’s off the shelf! The wine bright, clear and has aromas of lemon, peach, and apricot. On the palette it has a soft sweetness wish mouthwatering acidity to balance it out which is what makes it a classic Mosel Valley riesling. Enjoy it on its own or with a spicy Thai chicken.

Foreign Affair Dream 2015, Niagara, Canada – $29.95
So I know I try to keep the wines I chose at a reasonable price but I really want to put this wine on the table for you guys because this winery if doing some awesome things here in Canada. This winery puts their grapes through the appassimento process which means the dry the grapes out on racks for a few months befor they crush and press them. By doing this it creates a less diluted flavour and a rich wine. They use this in lots of Italian styles such as Amarone and they wanted to bring that style here to Canada. Okay no lets talk about the wine. The wine Is dark and has complex aromas of blackberries, vanilla, black cherries, figs, leather, and a sweet spice. On the palette the wine has silky smooth tannins layered beautifully with a nice acidity. Enjoy it this year but for a great experience save it for 2 years. Enjoy on its own or with some strong cheese or bbq steak.

Erik F for Bruce in the City

Check out Erik’s top 5 wine picks of 2018 Boxing Day!

Bruce in the City

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Blog News!!!! Wine with Erik!

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December Beard Contest!


Hard to believe the beard contest is coming to a close at the end of the month but before it wraps up I’ve got a few more beard competitors to bring your way.

The first beard contestant for December is a pretty impressive one!

He wasn’t much of a talker but with a beard like that not many words are needed! Am I right!

This is is Jari!

5 fun facts? I remember one but it is not fun, just geeky. I havd read LOTR 23 times.


Next year the beard contest will be replaced with a monthly bearded feature! A bearded fellow hand chosen from Instagram will be featured right here on my blog! 12 months! 12 beards! To be voted on to be chosen as Badass Beard Embassador for the entire year! Don’t forget to vote for any competitor from this years contest. A grand champion will be chosen from the highest vote tally!

Head on over to my official Instagram to vote for this weeks Beard and other monthly winners for the coveted spot as Badass Beard Embassador! @bruceinthecity Instagram

Some gifts supplied by @shopthemensroom


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Bruce’s Book Club December

Hey Brucesters!

Its that time of month again! Book Club time!

My latest book club choice! #jodipicoult #thetenthcircle This read will last two weeks as there will be two books chosen to wrap up our Jodi Picoult tribute!



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And the Badass Beard for November is…


He has over 40 votes and killed the other competitors! 

Who will be our first beard competitor for December?

Stay tuned for my post right here tomorrow!

Bruce in the City

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It’s Beard Time


This weeks Beard contestant come all the way from Moscow. From what I can tell this bearded fellow is certainly badass! Let’s meet our next bearded fellow. Shall we….? Vote now by heading over to my official IG account @bruceinthecity and hit the heart on his bio and his pic. You’ve got to chances to vote! Choose wisely! Anyway sexy readers! This is Mike!

5 fun facts. 1. I love spicy food but get terrible hiccups when I eat it. 2. I was moving from the UK to Hong Kong. At the last minute I changed my mind and went to Moscow, Russia. That was 10 years ago. 3. My birthday is 1st January 4. I started going bald from the age of 18. 5. Wherever I travel I like to hunt for the best burgetake!

Stop staring!!!! Go vote! Now!

Bruce in the City


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Bruce’s Top 10! Tiss the Season


Its the most wonderful time of the year. Time for my top ten Christmas,Yule,Hanukkah gift giving destinations in Toronto. To help us celebrate all the great festivities we will be enjoying over the holiday season! I’m really pumped to get back to my full time Sunday blog starting back up in January!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves so with further adieu here’s my top ten list for holiday shopping destinations!

10.Beach Toyz 39 Norwood Rd Toronto
9.Cycle Solutions 615 Kingston Rd T.O
8.LaManna Fashion For Men
2223 Queen Street East
7.Out On The Street Menswear
551 Church St
6.SPRUCE 455 Parliament, 647-748-4060
5.Flatiron’s Christmas Market 35 Jarvis St
4.The Men’s Room 465 Church St
3.Lavish&Squalor 253 Queen St W
2.Outer Layer 577 Queen St W
1.Mable’s Fables 662 Mount Pleasant 

Get out there and find those beautiful,inspiring and maybe even a little naughty gifts for the ones you love and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Bruce in the City

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The Beard contest oils on!!

Hey Brucesters!

I might as well tell you right up front. This weeks sexy bearded fellow is off the market! Sorry ladies and gents! This ones spoken for. His story is so romantic and his courting was brief but he seems to have found the love of his life! This is Tyson!

1. My wife and I got married in homemade T shirts that read, “just married cuz we like to party ”
2. We are 10 yrs married, only know each other for 3 weeks when we eloped
3. I’m a vegan and i love to cook. I have a food IG also
4. Im a sales mgr, but my background is in teaching. Used to moonlight as a DJ
5. Dream job is to be a booking agent and promoter, currently working on starting that up on the side

@Tyson_Bivens   @tyson.bivens


instagram @bruceinthecity

Shop @shopthemensroom on instagram for all your bearded needs!

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