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Check out this Sunday’s blog! Another Sushi experience and the funny ladies to my right! They could have their own  radio talk show!

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More Than Meets the Eye


I always say the best part of writing my blog is meeting all you really interesting people, from all walks of life. My blog is neither straight nor gay. Black or white. It’s just my little space in the world I truly feel I can call my own. For a few minutes each week I get to stop the work and sit down to write to all of you. It’s more than just the building I may enter but the relationships I end up entering as well. When I discovered one of my favourite pubs last year, I met this guy. His name is Aaron and he’s not just another handsome bar tender but an amazing listener. I don’t always enjoy going out with a bunch of people. Sometimes I love the solitude of oneness. I’m always ready to meet that new person and make a new acquaintance. Well I happened upon this bearded fellow and fellow bear and I discovered this.
Just as I was getting to know Aaron I learned he was heading off to Ottawa. I was so bummed but I’m used to that in a big city. People come and go all the time in the big city. Before he left he shared with me one of his personal passions. We all have them.
This is Aaron’s:
At about the age of six, he and those around him noticed he liked to draw on walls and, well, everything.
Throughout Aaron’s younger years, being a bigger boy, didn’t leave him with many friends. Kids can be so cruel. This gave Aaron more time to experiment with drawing and painting. He never went to art school to advance his knowledge of art. I never pressed why but I concluded Aaron is self taught. He mostly works in acrylic paint and has a passion for doing abstract pieces, big or small, doesn’t matter the size. It’s nice to know he’s not a size queen.
When the mood strikes Aaron, he is compelled to put on music and paint (he always need music). ”It breaks your focus so you don’t think about the painting, you just do it.”
Aaron works long hours (usually 12 hours) at his regular job. It leaves little time to paint so mostly it’s done on days off or during odd hours. His painting is always done at home. He sets up his easel, grabs a canvas and brush and goes to town.

Aaron’s ultimate dream is to host his own art show and have people see his works. If you want to check out more of Aaron’s beautiful work or contribute to his dream and purchase his art here are a couple contacts for him.

I wish Aaron all the best and look forward to attending the opening of his first art exhibit.


@aaroncustomart (Instagram)

Bruce in the City

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #28


Here is your second nominee for Badass B.I.T.C Beard for July! July is certainly sizzling!

This is Tony!

I use to be a professional actor. I was born in UK but raised in Canada, I’m a good judge of character, hmmmmm! I love tops and bottoms. Flippng is the best! Hairy is hot! Passionate men make me weak.

There you have it folks! I’m not sure if he’s single but that was a killer personal ad if you ask me. Vote now by heading over to my Instagram @bruceinthecity tap the heart on his solo pic and the bio pic!

The Official Prize Destination for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest! 


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It’s a Bear Affair

Hey local Toronto Bears!

I’ll be at Spa Excess 105 Carlton St. this Sunday starting at 1pm! It’s the hottest bear event in town! I’ll be doing an article for an up coming blog in July just before my August break! Prizes! Hot Bears! Spa time! They even have super cool buttons for sale to raise funds for a good friend and graphics designer who is in need of a kidney transplant! Let’s help these fellows make a miracle a reality! Hey and maybe meet the bear of your dreams! I’ll be there! Don’t be shy! Say hi!


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Summer Break


This is just a quick announcement letting you know I’m taking a summer break! I’ll be stepping back from blogging in August on the Sundays but the beard contest will continue on the Saturday! July Sunday blogs will continue. This Sunday I’m featuring a cute bearded bear artist. There’s always lots to do to prepare for September and lots to announce over my summer break. Each Sunday in August will be dedicated to featuring what the new season of Bruce in the City will look like. From the return of some loved contributors to the movie reviews. This fall on Bruce in the City is going to be a cornacopia of amazing variety. So stay tuned in for Saturday Beard contest and Sundays for updates on what’s coming! My Instagram will continue in high gear with fun contests! There will be up & coming articles of mine at I will let you know when that happens! Have a great summer Brucesters and I hope to see you around the city. Don’t be shy say hello! I love meeting you guys. I’ll be at Spa Excess on Sunday for Bears in Excess a special bear event I’m covering for an article I’m working on. Stop by and have some big fun. 

Bruce in the City

artwork for Bears in Excess by Daniel Mainé find Daniel on Instagram today!

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Just Not That Good


Whether people like it or not we still live in a country that allows a person to pass their opinion on something that exhilarates them or pisses them off. This week’s blog is all about the latter.
I think in general I’m a pretty easy going fellow. I’m generally a pretty positive thinker and I don’t go out of my way to be an asshole but there is one thing I cannot tolerate, crap customer service.
I take the T.T.C every single day. Multiple times in a day. I’ve paid for two monthly passes since my moving here in 2005. One thing is for sure, the price keeps going up and the customer service keeps going down.
The company can give me every excuse in the book but those bus drivers are really miserable people. Now don’t start throwing insults just yet. I have also met a handful of people who really do an incredible job! There’s one fellow who is always cracking jokes every time the station announcements go off. It’s amazing. There have been a couple of ladies that really go out of their way to welcome you aboard. There’s another fellow who takes time to explain to the kids how the bus works. Sadly though these people are few and far between.
I’ve posted numerous concerns on the T.T.C customer service Twitter account but I’m told to call in my concerns. I wonder to myself what that Twitter account is for. Clearly not concerns! Anyway, I did what they asked and called in my concerns and I have to tell you the person on the other end of the phone sounded like she actually cared. She took the information and thanked me for my call. I know the driver’s job is not easy. Customer service is not easy, but it is what they signed up for and so it’s their lot in life so let’s step it up. The truth is it’s just not great. For the most part they are a visitor’s first “go to” once they have gotten into the city and start their touring around. The transit system here with all the construction is a nightmare. Hell I’ve been taking this system for more than a decade and with all the construction I sometimes have no idea where I should stand! Being abused by customers is never okay but I’d say most of us are just trying to get around and need some thoughtful help to do so. I’m in customer service. I get that customers can be demanding but that never authorizes a poor responses from the employee. And just in case you want to go there, this is not a white privilege thing as some idiots posted on my Twitter account. I can’t stand when people go to these cliches. I’ve seen time and time again people of minority being spoken to very poorly by the drivers and with there smaller English vocabulary, in some cases they literally have to accept the way they’re being spoken to. I even heard a supervisor talk disparagingly about those drunk Indians. It’s gross. People have mentioned that with my experience I should apply for the TTC customer service but unfortunately that’s not a beast I’d want to be a part of. I’m not sure who could fix their image problem but one thing is for sure, they could not pay me enough. I will keep calling and speaking on behalf of myself and people who may not feel strong enough to speak up for themselves. It is a problem and it’s time for it to be addressed! I’d give them 1 kiss out of 5 on customer service but I’ll check in again with you folks to let you know how they’re doing!



Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor

I’m grateful for my peaceful drive in my private car every day! And my commute is 15 minutes!
I give people credit that sit in Toronto traffic for hours on a daily basis. They are much stronger people than I.

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #27

Beards! Beards! Beards!

Hey Brucesters! Every week a new wonderful bearded fellow! I love this gig! What a Beard I have for you this week. The first Beard to heat up July! Plans of course are underway for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard 2019 calendar for PWA. July will be the last official month this years winners will be featured in the calendar. In order for production to begin the last four months of the 2019 calendar will feature The last four beards of 2017! Winners from September, October, November and December will be featured in 2020 calendar. I know blah  blah blah bring on the Beard!

This is Jason!

Jason is a photographer. He’s currently living in two countries. He used to be a Drag Queen! I’d love to see those pics! Jason sleeps on the right side of the bed. He hates cilantro! Jason, when it comes to his under wear he’s bi, boxers and briefs but never a thong. Hmm I wonder if he wears a jockstrap? 

Thanks to The Men’s Room Toronto for being the prize destination for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest. 


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Badass B.I.T.C Beard winner for June!

June was definitely a battle of the beards on Bruce in the City! The most votes for the contest to date! The grand champion is chosen by how many votes the bio and pic post receives on my official Instagram @bruceinthecity It looks like this months winner and our winner for April Andrew are kneck in kneck for Badass Beard ambassador for 2020 cover beard on the official calendar. You can continue to vote until year end on all the monthly winners to chose the beard embassador. Without further ado the winner for June and is titled Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the month is….


Collect your $20 gift card from the official prize destination The Men’s Room Toronto! Follow them on Instagram and show them your a fan when you go to collect your prize! Tell them Bruce in the City sent you. Your card will be waiting! Post a pic on your Instagram of your purchase and tag @bruceinthecity & @shopthemensroom on our official Instagram accounts! We love to see a sexy winner!




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Coming in August!

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1st Annual Naked Issue

Let’s Get Soaking Wet

I’m thrilled to bring to you my first naked edition of Bruce in the City! Now that doesn’t mean we’re all getting naked over here, but this blog is really about taking pride in the beauty of your natural state!
Wonderful and ever perfect nakedness. Every year in Toronto, literally thousands of beautiful people of every shape and colour gather at my favourite watering hole found tucked away in our very own oasis from the noise and crazy of the city. It’s known as Hanlan’s Point. Hanlan’s Point Beach was a traditional site for nude sunbathing for decades.
In 1999, Toronto City Council approved a one-year pilot project for a nude beach at Hanlan’s Point following a proposal by a naturalist organization and Councillor Kyle Rea. In 2000, the council extended the project for another two years. Finally in 2002, the clothing-optional beach was made permanent. Of course the council was met with heavy opposition from who else?… the conservative-councillors such as Giorgio Mammoliti. I just want to know how many friends this person has. I’m serious. Stuff old ideals, this would never be an issue in Europe. Dan sums up Hanlans this way. “Toronto’s own beach getaway that’s right in our backyard that feels like it’s hundreds of miles away. A nice place to spend a summer day hanging out with friends.” It was also an infrequent target of police crackdowns for nude sunbathing. Not to mention the raiding of fellows in the bush who may have been suspected of partaking in a bit of sensual negotiations. With one of the Fords back in the hive, Christ only knows what bullshit he is going to try and pull off in our diverse city. Certainly
In my honest opinion Toronto is only as diverse as you find yourself behaving under the thumb of it’s all too many religious groups. I hate to be a skeptic but I don’t trust this freedom as far as you can throw it. Hanlan’s official status has resulted in a distinct increase in ferry traffic, and fairy traffic it appears, is a profitable component of public and private sector advertising campaigns, since it draws visitors to Toronto. So basically freedom is money! Hence the new pot laws. They finally figured out how they could profit from the plan without the overwhelming backlash from those crusty old conservatives. Police and park officials now work in partnership with the beachgoers to maintain the friendly atmosphere. Well in other words, there are finally enough shootings in the city they can focus on that they can leave the peaceful naked people alone. Where would they pack their gun? Up their bum? In the cleavage? I could probably pack some heat in mine. I’ve got some serious man cleavage at the right angle. So get naked while you can and fight for true freedom not just religious freedom which, basically tries to handcuff all non believers. Clearly I’m over heated! It’s time to chill out, get naked, and I’ll see you and Hanlan’s! By the way it is clothing optional if you are more modest than most and that ok to!  If you happen to see me in all my wonder don’t be shy, come say hi! I’m either under a shade tree or at that fabulous little canteen just outside the beach area. Happy Canada you amazing people! Let’s get soaking wet!


A note from the editor

I give you credit, I would never have the confidence to utilize a naked beach. I’ll keep my suit on. LOL.

Mary Ellen Monk

Thank you to everyone who contributed photos for my blog this week. It was super cool of you. Not all photos were taken at Hanlans.

Photos by Instagram followers used with permission.

@jwill_fitness @marcostoro81 @danhoban3 @itsandrewstupid @tenting3 @zerocub  @caltabiano.anthony @jerome_inton



There will be a draw for a $20 gift card from The Men’s Room! Winner announced Monday!



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