Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest #20


Wow it’s the 20th beard so far this year and it’s the 20th of May! How cool is that? I’m so glad you bearded fellows are excited that The Men’s Room Toronto has graciously agreed to be Bruce in the City’s prize destination for The Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest! The staff are amazing and crazy sexy! Their all super helpful to. If it’s a hair grooming you need then their hairstylists are top notch! I’ve been done by two of them! Both times I knew I’d be coming again. I have a bit of a T Shirt addiction. They have the best T Shirts. So fun and frisky! You can win a $20 gift card compliments of The Men’s Room by submitting your bearded selfie @bruceinthecity Instagram in my chat with at least 5 fun facts about yourself. Each week a beard is chosen. My sexy followers vote for you and it’s as easy as that! Every month there’s a wiener. I mean a winner! Oh and don’t forget to food The Men’s Room on Facebook and Instagram @shopthemensroom

Let’s get on it shall we? This weeks beard belongs to this cutie…. Fadi!

I listen to Barbra Streisand while working out on a daily basis. I sit down when I pee! I have to have my Nutella every day! I love to dance to 80’s music and I love DOGS!!! Vote for me!

Thanks Fadi and good luck! Stop on over to my official Instagram and hit the ❤ On his solo pic and bio @bruceinthecity When you visit Toronto don’t forget to hit up the men’s room! Tell em Bruce in the City sent you! 


edited by BWC

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The Inked Butcher


It’s the long weekend B.I.T.C’s! It’s time to get your BBQ fired up! If you’re in the Toronto area I found the baddest butcher in the city!!! Mark Michelin has been a member of Toronto’s St. James Town community located in the heart of Old Cabbagetown since 1971. He’s cool! He’s inked! He’s really a friendly, family guy and he has a passion for delivering a quality product. My visit to this butcher leaves me with some of the best cuts of meat this side of gay town. They carry naturally raised, antibiotic and synthetic growth hormone free meats which is bloody fantastic! I can’t understand why anyone would settle for less if their means allow. Just check out this list of goods (in no particular order) and tell me it’s not impressive!

Atlantic signature grass-fed, pasture-raised beef

Liberterre pork products

Claire Island organic salmon

Farm fresh poultry co-op chickens.

Just to highlight the staples. Mark prides himself on providing the highest quality cuts at some of the best prices in town. From Mark’s home-made specialty sausage to his amazing hand-smoked organic salmon. He offers Mediterranean couscous and Greek salad to mouth-watering sandwiches piled high with your choice of fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, and condiments. It’s

just too much, in the most fulfilling way possible. It doesn’t end there! Oh no!! Mark’s regular menu includes home-stewed soups, fresh baked pastries and cookies, slow roasted ribs, Mark’s fantastic chicken schnitzel and much more.

Sounds incredible? Well that’s not all! His outstanding deli offers catering services to meet any need! Offering a beautifully glazed meatloaf to perfect pastrami sandwiches! As we feasted our eyes on the perfectly placed items I could literally feel my mouth watering as I stared at his raw meat. We chose some beautiful steak along with some wonderful deli items. It was so tender and juicy. I mean if you meat lovers aren’t lined up already then I don’t know, but that inked butcher has got me wanting his meat at least once a week!! You will too!

Monday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Check website for holiday hours


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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Make Em Laugh

Hey Whazzzuuuuuup Brucesters!

My shits and giggles on funny dudes continues with this guy, Jeewan Gill. Now I gotta say he was all in my funny books until I learned he doesn’t really like Toronto. Stop me in my tracks! I mean, I love Toronto. The reason I got this blog going in 2010 was my love affair with this incredibly diverse city. And now I’m reviewing Jeewan funny guy to find out he disdains my city. As Madonna would sing, “Where do we go from here?” This is where I put my personal opinion aside and just tell you how funny this guy is. Jeewan? Does it mean funny man? No, in fact it doesn’t! However it does mean “Bringer of Life” so really it could mean funny guy! Being funny brings life to those sitting in the bell jar. His comedy was sharp and relevant. He was incredibly disarming and I even thought he would be even better with a larger audience. Jeewan is a west coast boy. He truly believes he was bred from birth to disdain Toronto. A city that seems to be doing good by him. Maybe he’ll change his tune on that one. He’s a Border City Comedy Festival finalist. He seems to enjoy creating humour out of incidences that normally find it missing. Of course that means touching on subject matter that may cause the squeamish to squirm.
I thought his stand up was good and solid. I’d go check him out again if given the opportunity. Hey wait! He’s opening for Chris Robinson May 13th at comedy bar and apparently the show is being taped. I might just have to crash that party! You can find him on twitter for more info @jeewangill2

4 kisses out of 5


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #19

Hey Beards and Beard lovers! Here is our 19th weekly beard for 2018 and our 2nd beard for May! I’m super stoked that The Men’s Room Toronto is The Badass B.I.T.C Beards prize destination and I look forward to letting you know about some amazing future events in shop so stay tuned!

Heres is Bruce in the City’s latest Badass B.I.T.C Beard!

Lords and Ladies this is Chris….

Hey everyone. A few facts? Well I hate writing! I’m 37! I’m Gay! I am a Music Director and professional Organist. I love eating and love my cats! I’m a proud American. Moving to Canada wouldn’t be a bad idea these days. I don’t enjoy getting pushed in to things I don’t really want to do. I guess I feel a bit ackward writing about myself. That’s it! Enjoy the beard!

Well good luck sexy man! Head on over to my Instagram account @bruceinthecity and vote for this cutie. There’s two chances to vote. Click the heart on his bio and on his individual selfie. Both found on my Instagram account! We love our beards from across the border! Follow @shopthemensroom on Instagram Bruce in the City’s official prize destination!


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They Call Him Mr. Tornado Jizz!


People are often saying I’m a funny guy. I’ve even been told that by people I admire in the comedy world, seriously, to my surprise. I think it’s safe to say most people think they’re funny. I think I have my moments, but I honestly don’t know if I could ever brave up and do stand up. The idea of being up there on your own with people just waiting for you to make them laugh. To literally alter the mood of an entire room or even a stadium seems like the scariest business transaction ever signed. I was invited to a restaurant/club Thursday night for a comedy show and I had nothing overly pressing to do so I took John with me and decided with an open mind that I would be ready to laugh my balls off. Between ball jokes and pot jokes and the Jew telling Jew jokes, most of the night was awkward and uncomfortable at best. There were some high moments for sure but only a couple of comedians honestly made me laugh out loud for all to hear. I’m going to share the bios of those fellows with you over the month! I mean it is May Madness! Some of these boys were definitely mad! I just seriously think that people need to laugh more; at themselves, at each other, and certainly at our genitalia. How can we take ourselves that seriously with body parts that act like that?

Ladies and Fellows this is Che!

Che Durena was born and raised in British Columbia. He decided to make the trip to Toronto when he discovered his love for stand up comedy.

Since then he’s been hustling the GTA comedy scene to become one of the city’s best up and comers. I think his Instagram says it all! Tornado Jizz! If that doesn’t make you want to laugh, swallow, gag, sniff, inhale, or wipe I’m not sure you’re looking to laugh at all!

He came runner up in Sirius XM’s Next Top Comic, had headlining shows at JFL42, and has appeared on JFL All Access on Comedy Central.

His comedy touches on his ridiculous life living abroad and his perception of more serious matters like race, relationship, and drugs. Always finding an absurd angle to create a fresh and hilarious perspective.

Certainly his good looks and self confidence doesn’t hurt him either, but he’s got the goods and aside from that cocky demeanour he’s a realist and gracious to be sure.

It’s important to connect with people as a stand up comic. You’ve got only fleeting moments to hook, line, and sinker and that’s some hard core truth. As much as the audience is hoping to enjoy some shits and giggles, they’re secretly edging for a cliff walk.

Che balances that cliff like a tight rope walker and left us all hanging for more!

Check him out on Instagram for @tornadojizz near you!

4 kisses out of 5


A note from the Editor:  I love comedy. David and I went to a few late night comedy shows when we went on our anniversary cruise and I was crying, laughing so hard!

Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass BITC Beard #18


Can you believe we are already into May? The Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest continues with our first entry for May! This bearded Fellow has shown up in our beard contest for last year. He’s trying again to see if he can win a coveted spot in the Badass B.I.T.C calendar for 2019! And who knows maybe even Master Beard 2018! Ladies and Gents meet Brian.

Hey I’m Brian. I love designing tattooes. I’m a tattoo artist. I love e-sports! I’m an animal lover. I also love food!!!!! Vote for me!

Thanks Brian. To vote for Brian visit my official Instagram @bruceinthecity you can vote twice by hitting his individual pic or his bio on my Instagram page!

Let the May Beard games begin!


Prize sponsored by

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard of April


This was a great month for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest! The votes were the highest this month since it being introduced on my blog late last year! Thanks to The Men’s Room Toronto for sponcering the monthly prize beginning in March! It’s a perfectly brilliant shop for any man who shops outside the box!

Congrats to Andrew you are Bruce in the City’s Badass Beard of April!!! Stop by The Men’s Room to pick up your $20 gift card!

Follow them on Instagram @shopthemensroom and mention Bruce in the City!

They know you’re coming!


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Wine with Erik! Victoria Day edition!

Hey all! Erik here once again!

Its pre long weekend stock the cellar time so I got a couple wines ready for ya! I went away to the Niagara region last weekend so since last month I did PEC, this month I’m going to have Niagara wines!

Red stone sparkling rose – $29.95

This is one of my favorite sparkling a in Niagara and is consistently good every year. This wine has a lovely pink colour and has a very tasful label. The wine has soft creamy bubbles, only a touch of sweetness and mouth watering acidity to balance it all together. Very great sparkling for out in the sun!

Thirty Mile Bench gwertraminer – $29.95

My friend didn’t enjoy this wine while we were going through the Niagara but it was the first one we had and was still my favorite of every style we had of this wine. And that’s the fun thing about this wine! It has many different styles and people love it or hate it so try at your own risk! On the nose the wine has notes of honey, peach, spice, lychee and floral note but I’m bad with flowers so not sure haha. On the mouth the wine has a rich kind of oily body, is very dry, and has a nice acidity that isn’t to sharp. Have this on its own slightly chilled or with some old cheese.                                             Chateau de Charmes Cabernet Sauvignon – $15.95
This is a fun fruit forward wine with some oak to soften it even more. On the nose it has notes of dark cherry, blackberry, black current, and vanilla. It’s a dry wine with nice soft tannins and juicy acidity with the fruit just bursting out to greet you. Enjoy on its own or with BBQ burgers!

Erik Fleming for Bruce in the City

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Journey with Germani! Feel Good Foodies!

Hello BITC readers!

Here’s another step in my journey to enjoying feel good food, and spreading a little food love.

We’ve made it to May! In preparation for the long weekend and the lovely month of May, I wanted to shine the spotlight on some salads that are great additions to a long weekend BBQ spread.

I make a pretty good marinade and can babysit some meat on the grill, but usually I’m the person bringing the salad/side to a potluck.

These are some of my fave salads to make and share with others, preferably outside and in the sunshine. I’m definitely not the first person to make salads like these, this is just a small collection of the salads that have become staples for me, my friends, and my family.

Cabbage salad:

Red pepper
Red onion
Red wine vinegar
Olive oil

Thinly slice cabbage, red pepper, and red onion. Arrange and drizzle with the dressing (half red wine vinegar, half olive oil, and a pinch of sugar). The small amount of sugar adds just enough sweetness to balance the bitterness of the cabbage.

Mango salad:

Ripe mango
Red onion
Red pepper
Lime juice
Chili pepper

This salad is sweet, tangy, and fresh. It’s a great companion to some hot and spicy BBQ, or anything with some heat to it. Thinly slice mango, red onion, and red pepper. Sprinkle crushed peanuts and chili pepper and drizzle lime juice. Don’t break the bank on pre-crushed peanuts, I just smashed a couple of whole roasted peanuts with the end of a knife (don’t cut yourself!).

I also used an Ataulfo or honey mango, and I would highly recommend them if you see these Mexican mangoes at your local grocery. They are sweet and very delicious.

Beet and date salad:

Beets (pickled or fresh)
Baby spinach
Pitted dates
Olive oil
Roasted cashews

This is another sweeter salad. Top baby spinach with sliced beets. Pickled beets are sweeter but fresh beets are quite tasty as well. Add a few chopped pitted dates. Drizzle with a dressing composed of half balsamic and half olive oil. Top with roasted cashews.

These salads are simple to prepare and can be adapted and added to depending on taste and what you enjoy. If you’re going to a potluck for the long weekend and don’t know what to bring, these are easy to prepare and travel-friendly.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pleasant weather and that everyone is in good spirits, despite the crazy times we live in.

Cheers to you! Enjoy a glass of your favourite summer beverage, and please treat yourself and others with kindness! You deserve it.

Sarah Germani for Bruce in the City


Mary Ellen Monk

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It’s All About The Irv

Hey Brucesters!

The sun is shining! The grass is green! The maples and evergreens sway! It’s such a perfectly gay day just before the month of May! Ok, ok. I ripped that off of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas!
If only everything was perfectly perfect. Well it is getting close. John and I are all a tizzy with the prospects of him getting a new church to direct. It’s been some time since he has been full time on an organ bench and it feels like this could be the one. I know one shouldn’t count their chickens before they’re hatched but I’d really love for him to get this. He’s directed there the last two weeks and I don’t know, call me impartial, but I thought he was brilliant and the congregation is really great. We decided after his service today that we would hit a little hot spot for some much needed substance. Of course, I mean food, not like substance. John suggested this little Gastro Pub on Carlton called The Irv. Honestly, at first glance, there almost seemed a glowing Epiphany star leading us to this non-descript spot. Humble and beckoning from the outside yet so trendy on the inside and barely a seat to be had. Clearly many had followed the same star.  Jacklyne greeted us and showed us a perfectly perfect spot in the rear end of the eatery. The decor was trendy bistro chic and the tunes today were early 80’s. There was a cute couple beside us who I chatted with for a moment about it being a little on the warm side in there, but apparently the landlord went off to Greece and left the heat blasting so not their fault. Our server was really amazing and we learned that the pub was in fact a family affair. They’ve been open about four years now and their story is a very special one. I’ll let Regan tell it in his own special way.

“After losing my Dad to ALS in January of 2013, my wife Jackie and I wanted to open a place of our own to pay tribute to the man they called Irv. With the support of my mother Tina our dream became a reality. Just over a year later on March 1st 2014, we opened our doors, trying our best to provide great service, a comfortable atmosphere and delicious homemade food.”
Cheers from our family to yours,
– Regan Irvine

I never cut and paste but honestly, I couldn’t have shared that any better. What an incredible story of hope and strength, family and community! Just an extra bit of info I thought was amazing they in their first year raised over $100,000 for ALS. Visit their official website at the end of this article for more fabulous facts about this wonderful pub!

We had the eggs benedict traditional and smoked salmon. Lovely hollandaise sauce with sweet potato and traditional home fries. Super yum! I had a cider (Pommies Cider from Caledon On) which is only $5.50 a pint on a Sunday and John had the house white. Both enjoyable! We chatted over the prospects of his new post and we hoped a little and prayed a lot. I personally hope he gets the position because it would mean more reasons to visit Irvs again and again! And who knows, John may even convince me to join the choir!

5 kisses out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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