Bruce in New York!

Bruce is a guest writer for a sexy hot magazine from New York City! Stay tuned Wednesday! Enjoy some photos from Bruce in the City’s last visit. 

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It’s Just that Good!


Hey, so summer is unofficially here! The weather has been brilliant in Toronto. The city is a buzz with festivities and culture events. Lots of stuff was or is happening. You can check local BIA’s for info on what’s going on in different parts of the city. Did you know that? I think it’s probably a very under used and under appreciated resource for people who live here as well as tourists. There’s Cabbage Town, Yorkville, and Greek Town on the Danforth. There’s Lawrence Village, China Town, Korean Town and Kensington Market. You can’t miss Little Italy when you visit Toronto, Roncesvalles, Leslieville. I featured places from most of those areas but still I’ve barely scratch the surface of this great city.
Today it’s all about the beach. The area I’m talking about is called The Beach but it’s known locally as The Beaches. It’s been a debate in the city for years. People who live in The Beach area call it the beach and everyone outside the beach always seem to say, “Let’s go to The Beaches” as if there’s more than one in that area… there’s not. It’s just one long beach strip but whatever you decide to call it, it’s an amazing area in the city. Lots of California style culture. It’s so chill there, except for the bitchy young people who always seem to abuse a good thing. Damn I just made myself sound like an old Bitchy Queen. Well if the crown fits?!? All metropolises are wonderful places but can be very stressful. Thank the gods Toronto has many spots around this concrete jungle to escape from the hustle and bustle. My partner and I love to head down to the beach and take a stroll along the boardwalk before heading up to one of our favourite ice cream parlours. It’s called Ed’s Real Scoop. Super yummy ice cream and fudge shop. They have a rainbow of gelato too. They have shops in Roncesvalles and Leslieville too! Although to be honest, I’ve never been to those ones. Project!?! Here’s a cute little blurb you will find on their website!

“Growing up in the 1950’s as one of 6 children, I was lucky to have a mother with great cooking skills, a very limited budget, and a sweet tooth(!) so that a huge array of baked goods, sweets, and ice cream were made at home as a way of entertaining the kids and saving money at the same time. I founded Ed’s Real Scoop with the aim of offering many of those homemade treats, especially my favourite – ice cream, to Toronto. We use only the highest quality ingredients we can find to make all our artisanal ice creams, gelati, frozen yogurts and other treats.”

It’s just that good. I can’t resist a family business. It inspires me. Without them the city would be box store after box store, with no culture at all. Explore your neighbourhood. Talk to the people in your neighbourhood. Their stories will help you escape to a simpler time. Stress will be a distant reality. Even for just a moment.

Ed’s Real Scoop

2224 Queen St. East
Toronto, On


Edit: Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #24


Happy Pride Week!!!! Well almost! I just love this Happy time of year! You know it’s the only celebration in the city where the streets look cleaner after the parade. The Gays just do it better! Now don’t let me down kids! Keep those streets junk free! Victoria Day in the city was horrific when it comes to the garbage left all over the beach. We are Torontonians. We can do better than that! Give a hoot! Don’t pollute! Omg throwback Saturday! Do you remember those ads? I was a kid when those ads came out! They were so cute. There was an owl and some kids. They did their best to get people to stop throwing their crap all over the place. Awe simpler times! We should all be giving a hoot more than ever!

Now on to more Bearded news! I’ve got a cutie for you this week and a smarty to!

This is Cody!

1) I founded a natural beard care company
2) I have a Master’s degree in Digital Media
3) I have 5 siblings
4) I studied woodcarving in Oaxaca, Mexico
5) I speak Japanese

There you have it! Bam! Right to the point! Now get your finger ready and head on over to my Instagram @bruceinthecity and hit the heart on Cody’s pic and his bio that’s posted on my blog. Two chances to vote for this bearded fellow!

This contest has a bigger reason other than enjoying hot guys and hot beards!  The calander that will be produced this year featuring some of the winners of last year and this year, will be available for purchase to raise funds for PWA People with Aids foundation.

Dont forget to check out the hottest shop for bearded products, leather fetish goods, sexy swimwear, a spa, barber shop and so much more in the city! The Men’s Room the Badass B.I.T.C Beards official prize destination!


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Just Down the Stairs

Disclaimer: Before you read this article  I wanted to be clear I am not endorsing smoking of any kind. I am only sharing my memories regarding the subject matter.


Brucein the City!

You know I’ve been recently asked to contribute to a very cool magazine. I know… me! It’s pretty cool and I’ve been given my first assignment. It’s pretty weird because I’ve been blogging for so long now with very little fan fare in comparison to some of the younger bloggers who also do the video blogging thing. I just feel like there’s way to much talking going on and not enough reading.
I was thinking about this when I stopped by a shop I’ve frequented often over the years. When I first moved to Toronto I was a smoker. I’m not sure I ever told you guys I used to smoke. I think I had given up the habit before I began my blog. Lucky for you or you would have had to go through the incredibly horrendous task of witnessing me butting out. My new man at the time made it pretty clear it was him or cigarettes. (Very Carey Bradshaw and Aden. He hated that she smoked and she lied through her stained teeth until inevitably she met someone bigger who just let Carey be Carey.)
So now I just go into my old smoke shop to say hello to Michelle. She runs the place. It’s on Church Street of course, my regular stomping ground. Now you’ll find me buying phone chargers all the time from her because I’m always leaving mine at home. I must have bought a dozen from her already this year. Okay, fine, half a dozen. Anyways, she’s awesome! Always a constant support in the Gay community. She’s been there for years. You know like when you’re a kid, the way you feel about the old people that ran the corner store. It was like going home. I just wanted to give her a little shout out even though I’m not smoking anymore… well, cigarettes anyway. I enjoy buying the odd summer cap from her or sniff a nice cigar. I should really have one of her Cuban cigars. One won’t kill ya. I’ve always been curious about those vapour things she sells. She tells me it’s very popular. I don’t know. I do like that I broke the habit. I look around her shop and she poses for a Pride month pic with me and we share a laugh. It’s very cool when you realize this big old city has become home and familiar like an old house pet. They’re always happy to see you and they never judge you for smoking that smoke or lighting up that pipe. I like going down those stairs to see Michelle. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the smell of that old tobacco. Who can be sure.

Mr. Tobacconist (Michelle)
Cuban Cigars and Pipes
473 A Church St
Toronto on
M4Y 2C5


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #23


I’m glad you are all enjoying the Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest! It’s in support of P.W.A People with Aids foundation. I’ll be setting up a Go Fund Me page shortly to help raise money for a calendar The Badass B.I.T.C calendar which will be sold locally and proceed will go to support this important foundation.

Heres Bruce in the City’s latest contestant lending his beard for PWA! Help get him in the calander by voting for him on my official Instagram @bruceinthecity. Two chances to vote. Click the heart on the selfie photo of him and his bio posted which is featured on my Instagram!

Ladies and Fellows this is James!

I’m happily married to my husband since 2010. I’m a loving father to four fur babies (three French Bulldogs and a tabby cat). I was raised on a farm with old school values by both my parents. I’m the youngest of six children. I’m dedicated to fundraising and supporting the gay community since 1987. I am co-owner of Crystal Countess Jewelry and Bull Dog Bracelets!

Good luck James! Ok Brucesters, go do what you do best, judge people! Bahaha! I’m kidding! Go vote now!

B.I.T.C (Bruce in the City)

The Men’s Room (the official prize destination for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest)


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Bruce News!

Hey Brucesters!

I just wanted to thank Erik Fleming and Sarah Germani for all of their wonderful contributions to my blog. Wine with Erik and Journey with Germani were such fun!

As Bruce in the City ebbs and flows segments come and go. My book club is one of those segments that will be returning in September for a short run as I will be featuring one author in particular that I personally love.

Another segment that saw the sidelines is BJ Cinema. Movie reviews with myself and my partner John. It will be returning in September! We are looking forward to that!

The Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest is a fan favourite! I’m looking forward to the production of the Badass B.I.T.C Beard calendar for 2019. Proceeds will support PWA People with Aids foundation. More news on that to come!

Here are the winners so far! 


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What’s that Spell?

Give me a P! P! Give me an R! R! Give me an I! I! Give me a D! D! Give me an E! E! What’s that spell? Pride! What does it mean?? And a hush falls over the crowd.
I’m not sure we really understand what it means to be proud. I certainly think it’s a very overused description of some intangible feeling that can lead us all down a path of self righteousness. The drag queens are snapping me right now! The twinks are hissing, “Oh no he didn’t!?!”
Ya, I guess I did. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it’s critical that everyone has the formidable right to love, to acceptance, to security, and to freedom but at what cost do we equate this freedom. Every year when Toronto Pride comes around I do find myself irritated. Not at any person or group. I’m not unhappy that as a gay man I have a whole month now that on the surface seems to celebrate the very right at being G.A.Y. Gay!
I still don’t understand what the event is suppose to do. I live in a predominantly Muslim area of the city and trust me there are no rainbows hanging around in my neighbourhood. The Pentecostal church dumped in the middle of my neighbourhood does not teach the fairy tale story of when the gays came to town. Amazingly enough just a block away from the Gay Village there’s a church that literally preaches hate speech about the gay lifestyle. Honestly I don’t believe it’s really gotten any better. I think what makes me so concerned is what I see happening in the States right now with their new leader Trump. We all believed that most of the racism that dirtied the history books of the United States has all but disappeared with the two time leader Obama. It felt so amazing to think how far those great people had come to elect a black president. Awe inspiring. Little did we all know the next man in the “White” house would be instrumental in the resurgence of such a hostile environment in which the world is witnessing now. The erasing of all of Obama’s Work. The allowance to discriminate against gays and trans people in the military. Can you honestly imagine harassing anyone who chooses to put their lives on the line to save such a greedy racist and vile country. Of course they’re not all vile but it certainly makes me think. How safe is our Pride? I mean we all love to hate the leaders we elected into power now but let’s say we decide we don’t like the direction the politics in this country are headed. How easy is it for all of us to forget the freedoms we enjoy because some politicians made it their priority to make sure we all had equal rights respectfully. Of course there are failures all around us. Woman are still fighting for equal pay. The blacks are still trying to not get shot by our local police because they walk a certain way. And honestly what about all these religious groups constantly preaching hatred towards the gay community. Calling us abominations. Sneering at us when we hold hands. Who are we kidding? What is Pride? I’m a proud person. I’m not a proud person because I have a same sex partner. That hasn’t created anything for me to be proud of. I don’t think straight people are thinking, yes I’m having sex with the opposite sex. I’m so proud that heterosexual sex does it for me. Self love is important but I hope this Pride month we can choose to stop verbally masterbating ourselves and be proud because you listened to someone’s difficult coming out story or gave food to the local food bank. Maybe you can pick up that garbage you see on the sidewalk. Maybe you can decide to not be that person that throws it there in the first place. I believe in being proud of who you are but who you are isn’t just where you decide to put your penis or who licks your vagina. Honestly, let’s be proud because we took a moment to try and make someone’s day a little brighter. Do we even give a shit about each other anymore? Really when was the last time you actually gave a shit about what someone was going through instead of watching it from the sidelines like a bad reality show. In an instant all this self proclaiming Pride could be taken away in several pen swoops depending on who we decide our leaders are going to be. You think it’s impossible and ridiculous? Just look to the south. That’s dictatorship in action. It’s babies being taken from their parents. It’s a black woman being referred to as a monkey. It’s trans people unwelcome in the military. Do yourself a real favour this year, get involved in your local politics because Pride can lead to a great fall. This homo wants to keep our country going in the right direction. A truly proud and free one. Get involved! Know your leaders! Speak out! Vote!

Happy Pride Everyone!

You’re more than what you do with your genitalia!


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor

Your feelings of “Pride” are similar to my feelings of religion. I’m not a big religious person, not sure I even believe in God to be honest but I’d like to believe that “if” there is a higher power that I will be rewarded simply because I am a nice person that goes out of my way to help when I can and not persecuted simply because I chose not to grace the pews of a church. Just my two cents.


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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #22


Some amazing things are coming together with regards to my beard contest and the calendar I’m creating to raise funds for PWA People with Aids foundation. Since I’ve announced this week the charity we will be supporting picture submittions have doubled. Thanks so much! With no further delay here is June’s 1st Badass B.I.T.C Beard competitor!

This is Ron!

I’ve been with the same man for 21 years. He brings out the best in me. Years ago I was very shy but now I don’t care what others think and I just want to be me. Once unable to smile for a photo, now I-am a selfie whore LOL. Loving photography and expanding my collection of designer underwear.

I think my readers will agree when I say, we are so glad you got over being shy! Ok everyone head over to my Instagram @bruceinthecity and click the heart on this bearded fellows selfie I’ve posted and a post of this bio. That gives you two opportunities to vote and it’s the only place the vote counts even though my Facebook group Bruce in the City and my twitter account Bruce in the City will also display this blog posting!

A quick thank you to The Men’s Room for supporting this fun contest and supplying gifts on behalf of Bruce in the City! More exciting collaborations with this badass shop to come! 

This contests is in support of PWA People with Aids Foundation. The sales of my Badass B.I.T.C Beard calendar will support this important local foundation. Until there is a cure people need your love and support!

Keep your beards low to the ground! You wouldn’t want to miss a drop of news!!

Bruce in the City



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And the winner is…..


It was a big competition this month (May) and everyone has the most amazing facial hair but there can only be one winner. The number one Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest winner for May is….


Collect your $20 gift card from The Mens Room! Bruce in the City’s prize destination! Those fabulous fellows can get you hooked up!

The fun doesn’t end there! Check out June’s first Beard Fellow to enter the contest for this month! Saturday on Bruce in the City!


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The Vinyl Resurgence


Tech this! Tech that! App this! App that! Stream this! Stream that! Spotify! iTunes! Netflix!
It’s all so antisocial and non committal. It’s using someone else’s underwear. Rip it off some cyberspace and lose it all with a virus crash. Don’t misunderstand me I love all this on the spot, self gratifying, get where and when I want it, because god damn it, waiting is so last decade!
However, I gotta tell you there is still nothing like walking into a vinyl shop and cruising the record stand for the latest, or even sexier, the retro artist to spin on the crystal needle and chill. Hook me up with some vintage U2, Sarah McLachlan, Culture Club to start and then round me off with some Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire, and Electric Light Orchestra.
Pop Music has got it baby and I’m not just talking genre. The shop is called “Pop Music”. Clever, sleek, raw! The latest vinyl releases at your finger tips with all the classic retro jazz, rock, funk, and soul all in one manifesto of counter culture and popular culture! Vinyl is back with a vengeance and this fly shop is just what the doctor ordered. Records and Tees! You know I never thought I’d ever say that again on the day I bought my first CD. That soulless disc that stole the epic sound of music on vinyl. I don’t care who you are, nothing sounds as bad ass as The Doors on the turntable. Drop the needle with Joan Jett. Feel the revolution with Bob Marley and that unforgettable groove. The owner of this must visit shop is Derek. He’s into it. You can feel it as I overhear him talking weekly chart toppers and trade release on the hot or not music industry playlist with a patron. He’s got it all! He’s got it now! I still have my records that I bought when I was 12. Thriller! Olivia Newton John vol 2, Joshua Tree, Joe’s Garage! I knew it wasn’t over for that beautiful black lava. Chilled for our listening pleasure. Derek’s shop is the hub of the vinyl resurgence here in the city. New tees and records weekly and some pretty sweet collectables to fill your sack with goodness. I’ll be visiting Pop Music often to add to my already incredible collection of artists. The sound, the smell, the hiss of something so real you can almost reach out and touch it. Shop local. There’s nothing real about a download.

Pop Music Records and Tees
Derek Antonio
581 Gerrard Street East
Toronto Ontario Canada
Follow Instagram @POPMUSICTO


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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