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You little addict You. (Finding Sarah) on OWN

Welcome Wednesday readers!  As you know I don’t always write a blog on Wednesday but I was feeling a little chatty this week so here we are.  In case you don’t already know I am or was a fan of … Continue reading

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City Exodus….

There are so many reasons to love Toronto.  This city is the muse to most if not all of my blogs.  However I also love my yearly exodus to a stunning lake called Buck.  For the last four years we (my partner and … Continue reading

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Vancouver Riots, Really?

I don’t know…. now we riot after hockey games?  I thought as children we were taught not to be sore losers. To be proud of the effort and when we grow up be that example to our children. I guess … Continue reading

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Summer Kick Off! Photo Contest!

Hey Everyone! Today is your final day to post your Summer Kick Off photo on my face book group. request a friendship and add yourself in my group Bruce’s Blog!! The winner will be announced This coming Sunday along with … Continue reading

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How about some neglect with that tea?

Hi to all my readers.  As you know the ongoing theme for my blog is “Let The Truth Unfurl”.  Well it’s not always easy to let truth unfurl.  Sometimes it’s allot easier to sugar coat and make a joke and just … Continue reading

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OK! I am about to chew my own arm off!  It’s Sunday afternoon May 29 and I did have plans to go see a classic showing of “The Sounds of Music” @ The Scotia Bank Theater” but decided to hit … Continue reading

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A Wink and A Smiley

For anyone who knows me at all, knows when it comes to any kind of service be it customer service, dining out, heading to my gym and yes even finding the best massage in the city, it has to be … Continue reading

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