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A “Wynne”d for Change

As you may be able to tell from my writings over the past two years, I am NOT a political junkie.  Quite frankly, I really don’t care who is running the city, province or country as long as I can … Continue reading

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Bruce’s Book Club 2013 Book #1

Hey everybody! I finally finished The Extra Man. It was painful.  I have to admit it seemed clever and witty from the start but just past half way it started dragging to a degree that I seriously wanted to poke … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Crazy!

My friend Odalys thinks that drama follows me wherever I go. Which is perfect I suppose for a guy like me who loves to write about the mundane of breathing in and out. It helps to pass the time before … Continue reading

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Under the Neon Light

  I packed up my designer puppy and partner for a four day escapade away from the comforting chaos that is Toronto.  It is no easy task getting me to leave my concrete metropolis, but my family would eventually disown me if I … Continue reading

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A Little Doggie Style….

OK, I had no idea that fashion had gone straight to the dogs.  Strangely enough I am being literal.  I have a little Shitzu. I’m sure I already told you this.  Over the last month I have been crazy busy with … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I know what I normally do here on Bruce in the City is B.I.T.C h but I would like to take this moment on New Years Eve, to thank every one of you that has taken a moment to … Continue reading

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