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Good-bye 2013!

Holy crap! What a week! Where was I? Oh ya, trying to find my way in the ice and snow! I can’t believe the week my city has had. First Rob Ford and then the ice storm of the century. … Continue reading

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Christmas time is here….

I want to wish everyone a safe and warm Christmas. For everyone still in the dark. Keep the faith. Hopefully the lights will be on again soon (and everything else) Stay safe… I know many of you who are without … Continue reading

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Fade to Black

It’s Sunday evening. Anyone out there? The ice storm of the decade has now it Toronto and we just got our power back.  I just got a call from my store. Their power just went out. They are concerned. I … Continue reading

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“Puppy Pooh Head”

Oh brothers and sisters I’ve got to tell you!! I wish I had my trusty Sony camera on me the other day! Oh I would have taken myself a few pictures for you all that would have burned your Christmas … Continue reading

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Where were you when the news came?  I was sitting at my dining room table thinking about what my blog was going to be about this week.  I was watching Mary Poppins with Alice in Wonderland (my partners Mom) and … Continue reading

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Table for one

What people don’t understand the most about a big city when they don’t live in one is how community based it really is. It does seem from a distance that a big city is a just a sea of skyscrapers and … Continue reading

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