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Happy Halloween

Wishing all my readers a very spooky and fabulous Halloween!             B.I.T.C

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Ricky You’re so Fine

What a week!  Trudeau gets the majority (which by the way I guessed correctly on my blog) and Ricky Martin killed it at the ACC.  What a show!  A far superior show to the Madonna fiasco the week before.  It started on time for one thing and the other being he didn’t keep calling us bitches […]

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My Prediction!

My prediction is a Majority Government! I won’t say who. I don’t want to jinks anything! Bruce in the City!

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It’s Canada’s big day!

Get out and vote!!               B.I.T.C

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Madge prt 2

Man I hate that fire department crap!  Hot men with nothing better to do but blow off their horn.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect what they are doing to keep us all safe from burning ourselves down, but not in the middle of my writing session.  It’s a total kill joy.  I […]

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We arrived at the Madonna concert just before 8 p.m. which gave us just enough time to grab a program and get to our seats.  At about 8:10 p.m. the lights got funky and the projection screen was alive with a big eyeball.  Yup, an eyeball and it wasn’t Madonna but a guy named Michael Diamond who […]

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Bruce in the City turns 5 today!!

I hope you will all raise a glass for me today as my little blog turns 5!!! I have struggled recently over whether to continue writing or now but with all of your support I have decided on several occasions to keep Bruce in the City going and going strong. Now with over 10,000 registered […]

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Got Land Will Build

It’s that time of year when we all get back into our routines now that the summer is behind us.  Your kids may be back in school.  Your summer holidays are a distant memory.  Classes are well on there way at our local colleges and universities, not to mention the boardrooms are full blown planning […]

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No Eat, No Pray, No Love

It’s exactly 3:14 a.m. Friday morning.  Well now it’s 3:15…. I know, I made the big announcement.  I was calling it quits on the old blog.  I meant it.  I really thought I meant it.  But a couple of little things happened to me this week.  Just a couple of small moments that had me questioning […]

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Vote Canada!

You can make the difference! Your voice is important! Your vote counts! Vote! October 19th 2015 B.I.T.C

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