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Happy Hallowe’en

img_0702 Hey Brucesters! Here’s just a quick Halloween hello! See you next Sunday! Happy Halloween! Bruce in the City

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22 push-ups 22 days!

Hey Brucesters!  Ive been doing these push-ups! You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter or insta gram! When I began many days ago it was tough. I haven’t done much working out of my little old … Continue reading

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A Chat with Arwen Humphreys

Hey Brucester’s!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Whether you are one of my 18,000 plus registered readers or if you happened upon my blog because you were really typing Bruce Springsteen in the search bar, regardless, I’m really excited you stopped … Continue reading

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Arwen made me do it!!

Hey Brucesters! I was nominated today by Actress Arwen Humphreys to participate in the 22 days! 22 Pushups!! Please check out these links and cheer me on! I did my 22 pushups today! 21 days to go! Arwen is pushing … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Message from Bruce!

Hey !!! I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you all for reading  my blog over the years. It’s truly a wonderful creative outlet for me and having people like you take the time to read is … Continue reading

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Wine with Erik!!!! He’s Back!!!

Hey, everyone!  Bruce is back!  Isn’t this amazing?  It also means I get to keep sharing wonderful wines with you guys!  WooHoo!  I bet you guys have been thirsty this summer with all the crazy heat waves we have been getting … Continue reading

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Murdoch Cometh!

Arwen Humphreys ‏@arwenhumphreys Oct 3 Arwen Humphreys Retweeted Bruce Christopher Thank you so much for writing this piece! Sincerely, The Rebellious Miss A/Mrs B … Arwen Humphreys added, Bruce Christopher @BruceintheCity Murdoch Cometh!  @yannick_bisson @arwenhumphreys New Moment What a wonderful … Continue reading

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