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Pet “Not So” Smart

Every summer for the last many years I take a little trip out to Peterborough to see the folks. They’ve retired so it’s a life of leisure for these two lovebirds. Not that they haven’t taken on little jobs along … Continue reading

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The Real Dinosaur

Thanks for visiting my blog again this week. As you know, if you follow my little blog, I enjoy delving into the ups and downs of customer service wherever I go. I think it’s important people get what they pay … Continue reading

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Let It Go

One of the best parts of Summer in the City is it’s concert series. I love seeing a great live performance. It takes on a different level mid listen when you know you’re going to be writing about it in … Continue reading

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Time to Get Moody

With an incredible career spanning the 1960’s The Moody Blues have written some of the most creative pieces of music merging rock and classical works, creating a revolutionary collection of Rock Anthems that have literally secured an almost cult style … Continue reading

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Fabulous Festivals

Toronto is awesome but even more so in the summer. When festival season gets underway the city wakes up to some of the greatest public gatherings the world has to offer. Of course, I enjoy Pride but this year decided … Continue reading

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Wine with Erik F “It’s a Cock Fight!!”

Hey, all! Here is a beautiful white I’ve been dying to do for awhile now. I first came across it last year that I bought on a whim because it sounded very interesting. Let me tell you this wine has it … Continue reading

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See you Sunday!

Hey Brucesters far and near, I hope you are enjoying the many summer holidays going on around the world. I’ll see you July 9th for more tantalizing stories from my little big city!  B.I.T.C

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Journey with Germani “Bruschetta”

Hey all! Happy summer! It’s that time of year that I like to keep my meals a little simpler. It’s not the time for heavy stews and curries to heat your home up further! I know a lot of us, like … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!  Bruce in the City!

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