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Bears in Habitat

Hey B.I.T.C readers! Wow, well Fall finally arrived in the City I think. Just in time for Halloween next week. Before I begin my little blog this week it’s been a while since I’ve had my B.I.T.C session so here are some moments to write home about. So I was heading to The Lodge the […]

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Totally Folked Up!

Did I ever mention I worked for a dinner theatre company a few years back? I had been managing in retail for what felt like 100 years and I just felt like doing something different. It was a crazy gig and it was during that time I met a really adorable girl who mentioned her […]

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Bruce News!!!

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The Jazz Hot

There’s never any excuse not to check out a hot jazz ensemble. That’s why when I was visiting my family in Peterborough this week for some serious R and R I had to stop into this swag little place that’s infamous for its great live jazz music. The place is called The Black Horse. When […]

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Bruce News! B.I.T.C Wear!

Brucesters!! B.I.T.C Wear by Bruce in the City Bruce Christopher Stay tuned for details!

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What’s the Buzz? Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week!

Be a Badass Bruce in the City Beard of the Week! Send your Badass beard selfie to for your chance to be featured as Badass B.I.T.C Beard on my Sunday blog and my official Twitter account bruceinthecity! Each person will also be entered into a draw for a year end prize! B.I.T.C  

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Gay and Glad

There it was like a beacon of hope for countless gay people who just wanted to fit in, feel safe, and learn more about themselves. The year was 1970, one year before this big old bear poked his head out of his mother’s purse. Glad Day Book Shop was creating a place of refuge in […]

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Bruce News! B.I.T.C Beard!

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Wine with Erik F! Quickie!

Hey, everyone! I’m gonna keep this review short and sweet, so let’s jump in! Santa Carolina Reserva Carmenère – Chile $12.05 LCBO This Carmenère is a really great value wine from Chile. It’s got lovely dark notes of blackberry, oak, and some spice. The wine is dry with a medium-full body, very smooth and a […]

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Journey with Germani! Curry Time!

Happy October everyone! This month’s recipe entry is a little different. When I first talked to Bruce about quick and easy meal ideas, I was feeling truly burnt out. I was able to bounce back for a time, but for months I found it challenging to find the time to recharge, to find the time […]

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