Bearded Fur Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve in the city and around the world. A lot of hustle and bustle today. Then the quiet of one of the most significant nights on the planet. The year is closing in and family and friends gather to take a moment to forget the crazy of world politics and of wars and disease. We’ve hopefully done our very best to right these things throughout the year with marches, charities and hope. It’s not always easy to be light and festive with all that is the world today but it has always been this way. The good, the bad, and the ugly all forgiven on the night of nights. My blog isn’t that significant really in the whole scheme of things. I know this, but if for just one moment I can help my readers forget that nasty boss or that illness that won’t give up or maybe you are finding yourself alone. Maybe my antics can take you out of your plight for but a moment. That’s really what this is all about for me. I love to promote good people, good companies and, oh yeah, let’s not forget those outstanding beards! 
The popularity of my Beard contest has taken me aback! Look at who made it into the Badass B.I.T.C Beard hall of Fame this week! Sean Harraher was introduced to show business at the age of 4 in 1986. His mother brought him to an audition his sister was attending because she could not find a babysitter in time. He was noticed in the waiting room and was cast in a National Colgate commercial alongside his sister that ran for 5 years. Sean was raised in Oakville Ontario Canada. He graduated with a B.A in Humanities from York University in 2006. Throughout his time in university and upon graduating Sean acted in many commercials as both a hockey player and a football player. He has performed improv with TrailerVision in Toronto. Sean’s television credits include a small recurring role as “Constable Worsely” on Murdoch Mysteries. He is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs and Hamilton Tiger Cats fan and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Congrats dude you are now enter in the Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week year end prize!



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I have been writing my blog since 2010. I was inspired to do so after enjoying an amazing meal with some friends of mine here in Toronto. I decided to tell everyone about my great night and the fabulous restaurant I went to and shazam my blog was born!
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