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Can you believe it’s November?  It is just nuts how the year is flying by.  When I started my book club again I decided to work my way through the Jane Austen novels and to be honest it seemed like a daunting task. Here I am now beginning Jane’s fourth novel and I couldn’t be more excited.
Mansfield Park was amazing and quite surprising.  I have always heard about Jane Austen of course, but seriously some really excellent and wonderful reads here. The fact that they are period pieces is just a bonus considering my love for Murdoch Mysteries, which of course started as a novel.
I’ll have more to say about that this Sunday.  But back to today’s business.  “Emma” was first published in December 1815, days before Jane’s 40th Birthday. It was her last published work in her lifetime.  Two following posthumously.
Here we go!  I do hope you enjoy!  I’m most certain I will!

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