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Bruce is Back!

Hey Brucesters! Happy Freakin New Year! It feels so great to be back writing my Sunday blog. I honestly missed it so much! I missed bugging my editor every week with my stories of bad punctuation and grammar and I missed the great feedback I’d get from all of you, my registered readers! As you […]

Gay and Glad

There it was like a beacon of hope for countless gay people who just wanted to fit in, feel safe, and learn more about themselves. The year was 1970, one year before this big old bear poked his head out of his mother’s purse. Glad Day Book Shop was creating a place of refuge in […]

Catch Ya Later

I have been working at my shop for just about three years now and have been loving it and all the people I hired. We’ve had the best time but just like every good thing, like the seasons, it is all about to change. My travel to work daily is just over an hour but […]

Very Superstitious

One week since my birthday and already I’m thinking holy crap I’m 46.  46, how did this happen?  Well I know how it happened. The clock kept going around and bam now I’m 46.  Okay, so before I bore you with the sadness of aging, I’m just going to get on with what I do best, […]

Totally Baked

It is no secret that I love, love, love, my treats!  It’s also no secret that I have been trying to get some much needed weight off.  I wouldn’t say I am a large person by any means.  I mean, I think I hide it well but the truth is at a young and fabulous 40 […]


I’m not sure I mentioned it but I have decided to make some changes to my diet.  I know right?  Not again!  This however is slightly different because I’m starting small. You know how much I love my coffee!  Well I did some math and decided that my sugar intake was way out of control. […]

Isn’t it I Deal?

I’m always chasing relaxation!  It’s true.  I have realized that it is what I desire most and get the least of.  It’s not easy getting relaxation. “No!” John spouts. “What?”  I ask interrupted in thought. “Wait. I’m figuring it out.” He replies.” “Can you interrupt me once you know what you want to say?” I’m […]

Oh Paris on Yonge

Life is hectic! I don’t care how you try to swing it.  You can meditate all you like.  When push comes to shove, life is an endless parade of compromises and long work days.  However, once in a while you stumble upon a little spot in the world that massages your tired weathered soul and […]

Life With Tea

Sometimes I just love getting up on a day I have nothing to do and I hop on the TTC and head somewhere. Anywhere. No plan. I just go and see where I end up.  It’s amazing how much you miss in the city you live in so sometimes I let my curiosity get the […]

Walk the Avenue

Enough dreaming of Summer’s past. It’s time to get with the now and right now (we) gotta take (our) good friend and her hubby out for a Birthday treat.  I did offer to take them out for lunch at the Mandarin on Yonge Street but they had something else in mind.  Since it was her Birthday I thought […]