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Journey with Germani! The Girl is Back in Town!

Hello BITC readers! I hope everyone had a fun and safe, beautiful and magical summer! Erik and I are happy to be back with some recipes and wine pairings; and Erik had the wonderful idea of a hearty dish, in preparation for warm reds and savory fall meals. I thought that I’d share a simple […]

Back this September!

Coming this September! Sarah & Erik are back but this time teaming up to pair Sarah’s amazing recipes with Erik’s scrumptious wines in review! Stay tuned! Bruce in the City (For Sarah Germani’s recipes please check past blogs, Journey With Germani) (For Erik Fleming’s wine reviews checknout past blogs, Wine with Erik)  

Journey with Germani! Feel Good Foodies!

Hello BITC readers! Here’s another step in my journey to enjoying feel good food, and spreading a little food love. We’ve made it to May! In preparation for the long weekend and the lovely month of May, I wanted to shine the spotlight on some salads that are great additions to a long weekend BBQ […]

Journey with Germani “Holy Guacamole”

Hello BITC readers! Congratulations, we have made it to Spring! I hope everyone has been able to enjoy some holiday time/time off work. I was able to take some great Spring walks with my furry little brother (my mother’s dog and I don’t have human siblings) this weekend. Spring is finally here and along with […]

Journey with Germani “Prep and Pampering”

Hello BITC readers it’s Sarah G! Thank you for reading my little food blogs. I appreciate sharing my journey and joining the online conversation about food and treating ourselves with respect and love. This month, I really didn’t know what to contribute. I was trying to think of what was currently on my mind, foodwise. […]

Journey with Germani! The Breakfast Smoothie!

Hello BITC readers! A month into a hopefully better year, many of us are trying to develop healthier relationships with food, and more healthful daily habits. I’ve found it challenging. Last year, I felt a lot of stress at work and made the decision to go back to school. I love being in school, but […]

Journey with Germani! Good Luck Nibbles!

It’s has been quite a journey this year. The world we live in is very different to the one of a year ago. On a large and small scale. For myself, I’ve gone back to school, with the hopes to change the way I work. To change my quality of life for the better. I’ve […]

2018 at a Glance!

Hey Bruce in the City readers! Christmas is just around the corner isn’t it?!? I still get excited about the whole thing even though for the most part I’m always longing for what it was, than is. I got a few cool things going on in 2018 at “Bruce in the City-What’s the Buzz?”, my […]

“Sarah and Erik” A Holiday Pairing!

Happy Holidays BITC readers! It’s that time of year to create some cheer, to get us through the short days, and the long hours of darkness. I’ve decided to share a family recipe for simple shortbread cookies that will impress friends and fam, and bearded Santas! My mother was given the recipe by her Aunt […]

Journey with Germani Fall Kick Off!

Hello B.I.T.C Readers! Happy Fall! I miss our Summer days but now we have cozy layers, hot drinks, and hearty food to enjoy! I wanted to set out and find a recipe I hadn’t tried before, using seasonal and affordable ingredients. Which led me to Brussels sprouts and McIntosh apples. Yum! While doing some research […]