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No Eat, No Pray, No Love

It’s exactly 3:14 a.m. Friday morning.  Well now it’s 3:15…. I know, I made the big announcement.  I was calling it quits on the old blog.  I meant it.  I really thought I meant it.  But a couple of little things … Continue reading

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Pub it!

I love it!  This city has so many pubs.  It’s not really on my bucket list to visit them all but I think I’m doing pretty well.  As I go back through my blogs I am surprised just how many … Continue reading

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The Court Jester!

One more week until Advent begins and so I think it is only fitting to find myself a fabulous salon for some hair love.  It’s honestly been a while since I have gone anywhere impressive when it comes to my … Continue reading

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Lovin Pat!

It’s not often I mention a person by name on my blog when chatting about a pub or shop I have visited, but in this case it just wouldn’t be right not to name this amazing person!  Ladies and Gents … Continue reading

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