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The Men’s Room

Brucesters! I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget … Continue reading

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Pet “Not So” Smart

Every summer for the last many years I take a little trip out to Peterborough to see the folks. They’ve retired so it’s a life of leisure for these two lovebirds. Not that they haven’t taken on little jobs along … Continue reading

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Zombie Disco

It was Yorkville’s yearly Ice Festival that had me at that end of town recently. I do love a good ice sculpture. This year the weather was a little dicey but chilled off enough to keep everything nice and frozen. … Continue reading

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Alone in North Field

Well we are getting our first snowfall today.  I’m enjoying it from my living room window.  Sitting at my dining room table with my laptop and a really tasty  Riesling-Gewurztraminer from the East West series from Inniskillin.  A little jazz in … Continue reading

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Killer Cab

I would have to say this summer was one of the oddest summers I have ever had.  The things that happened to me and what I got into couldn’t possibly be real. Hi I’m Bruce in the City and I’m … Continue reading

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Gay Ole Time!

This week has been crazy fun! Let me just get that out there. Pride month has been a fabulous success in the city. Of course I got to take in Café California’s Men’s fashion under garment show (undies supplied by … Continue reading

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Sibling Rivalry? Never!

Hey Brucesters!  Welcome back.  2016!  Can I get a whoop, whoop?!  It’s really hard to believe and what’s worse is that it’s already the 10th.  The month is practically half over.  Which means I can’t even really say Happy New … Continue reading

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Russian Woody

As promised the first of four Summer recaps!!!  I really enjoyed my time away from my blog I have to admit.  It was great to have a little down time and well, actually get busy doing all the other things in my life … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Clear

I suppose the great thing about having your own blog is that you can share your ideas without much thought about how it’s effecting the one who decides to read it.  I’ve given this a lot of thought this past … Continue reading

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The Woman Factor

I was watching a few interviews that actor Kim Cattrall had done this past week to promote her latest work “Sensitive Skin” on HBO Canada. It’s about a 50 something woman who has lost her identity and confidence because of … Continue reading

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