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Gay Ole Time!

This week has been crazy fun! Let me just get that out there. Pride month has been a fabulous success in the city. Of course I got to take in Café California’s Men’s fashion under garment show (undies supplied by The Bay, Men supplied by God only knows) but unfortunately the show did not live […]

Repo What You Sow-Rocky Horror-What a Ball part 2

We came, we watched, we cringed. It was one thing to be seeing a shadow performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” but to have the night also include “Repo the Genetic Opera” it was a double feature picture show incarnate, staged with a shadow performance to kill! The place, The Toronto Underground Cinema, of […]


OK! I am about to chew my own arm off!  It’s Sunday afternoon May 29 and I did have plans to go see a classic showing of “The Sounds of Music” @ The Scotia Bank Theater” but decided to hit the gym and then spend an afternoon relaxing and catching up on some t.v!!!!  The […]