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Where there’s a Will

I love when I get thrown a curve ball!  I feel like Rachel Maddow, the host of the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.  She’s constantly having to change things up these days with the ever changing tide of political crazy in the United States.  My reason is not as dramatic, but to me just as […]

The Butterfly Bear Affect

The Butterfly Bear Affect Bruce in the City Bruce Christopher I wanted to explore the world in which I find myself over the last few years “The Bear World”. I was a Twink until that bitch, Mother Nature, decided puberty wasn’t enough and that I was going to transform into what I first thought was […]

Inspiration Point part one

Hey Brucesters! As Women’s Month winds down I feel it is the perfect time to spotlight an author/wealth/financial advisor because her story is simply inspiring. So sit back, relax, enjoy your cup of joe and get ready to be inspired! Ladies and Gents my guest this week! Ruth Mead. Bruce: Before we really get going […]

The Joy of Fashion

In honour of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, here is my very special guest writer Joy Grossman. Enjoy her story. It all started at a very young age when i was about 5years old, my parents took me to a family wedding and I was wearing a beautiful dress with a white fur bolero […]

A Provocative Encounter

Here are a few names I’d like you to remember as I begin to tell you about a play: Steven Elliott Jackson, Playwright Tara Mohan, Production Stage Manager Brandon Conclaves, Lighting Designer Sonia Valiant, Stage Manager Kwaku Okyere, Actor Conor Ling, Actor Tanisha Taitt, Director We’ve all been to many plays. They have become so […]

Sibling Rivalry? Never!

Hey Brucesters!  Welcome back.  2016!  Can I get a whoop, whoop?!  It’s really hard to believe and what’s worse is that it’s already the 10th.  The month is practically half over.  Which means I can’t even really say Happy New Year to anyone anymore or they will think I’m ridiculous.  And I wouldn’t want to […]

The Life You Lead (by Mary Ellen Monk)

“A guest blog… not exactly the words that I thought I would see when I opened my email this morning to edit Bruce in the City-the blog.  But here it goes.” Mary Ellen. I am a busy mom of two young boys.  And I know a lot of us are “busy moms” but I often […]

Message on the Moon

The moon last night was pretty outstanding outside my window.  Did you have a chance to see it?  It was so mesmerizing.  I have a thing for the moon.  In spite of all the suspicions that people become crazy during a full moon, I feel rather energized. The full moon was on Valentine’s Day this year.  […]

Squirt! Bam! Splat! Bang!

Before I begin my rant for this week or whatever this blog will turn out to be I want to thank everyone who pops in now and again to respond to my blog. I may not agree with you at times but I do respect your thoughts and certainly am honoured you decided to stop […]

Fade to Black

It’s Sunday evening. Anyone out there? The ice storm of the decade has now it Toronto and we just got our power back.  I just got a call from my store. Their power just went out. They are concerned. I am wondering how many people are in the dark. Saturday was scary.  We went to […]