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Magic in the Air

What an amazing week I had! Seriously! I am not sure what was in the air but it seemed like a lot of magic.  I usually spend my weeks blogging about things to B.I.T.C about but this week it was … Continue reading

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Dream Chaser “Nightmare!” prt 2

I am so surprised by the number of emails and posts I have received about my blog last Sunday.  Definitely my most popular blog since I started writing. Although you also enjoyed the one about the Opera Company last Christmas and how … Continue reading

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Sorry I can’t hear you.

I take what is called the R.T everyday, to and from work.  It’s an aged transport and believe it or not it still runs on the old commodore 64 system from the 80’s.  It’s like a subway or train but … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Crazy!

My friend Odalys thinks that drama follows me wherever I go. Which is perfect I suppose for a guy like me who loves to write about the mundane of breathing in and out. It helps to pass the time before … Continue reading

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Ugly Holiday Sweater

Today is one of those days, as I sit here at my table, the winter light has not yet come into view, that my mind is in a state of wonder.  Not the wonder like in “walking in a winter … Continue reading

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When the First Autumn Leaf Fell

The stars went back to L.A and T.I.F.F came to a abrupt close. As it does every year.  I have a few friends that put together an itinerary that would exhaust the Canadian Olympic team.  The red carpets were rolled … Continue reading

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Breathing Deeply……

Aw, Monday morning! A little dreary but enjoyable for my daybreak stroll.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday as I always do but I was preoccupied!!!! I had a busy little week and it got away on me. I was trying … Continue reading

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41 years 41 poses…Fabulous!

I am now one week into my 42nd year!  I spent some time soul searching this week. I wanted to take an inventory of what I think I have learned during my 41 years on the planet. The first is, … Continue reading

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Birthday’s Are like Masterbation!

Every year Toronto plays host to one of the most scented events on the Spring calendar “Canada Blooms” I have attended for the past three years.  Flower lovers from around the globe create their floral forms and compete in the annual flower … Continue reading

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One egg over easy with a side of super trainer!

We strolled into a bohemian drop in, on the Queen St. strip called Java House.  Lot’s of sunshine out but the cold blasts of 10- gusts, makes the find that much more inviting.  My buddy Jewel’s and I decide to order … Continue reading

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