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Make it a Threesome

I was doing a little time inventory this week, which is something I don’t always take the time to do. I don’t have kids and the pets basically look the same so time isn’t as obvious as it would be say, for my brothers who have kids. They watch them age and it’s a constant […]

Journey with Germani “Pizza”

I was chatting with Bruce the other day about the all wonderful and tempting pizza; bemoaning the fact that it might not be the best idea to have the ‘za’ every night after a long work day.  I suggested, “Hey, at least if you make the sauce from scratch and make your own pizza, it’s […]

Me the Caveman!

Hello Toronto!  What is the buzz?  I have to tell you it is awesome to be back blogging to you about my amazing city Toronto.  I hope you have been following my rants and raves on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while I have been away from my blog!  It has been an absolutely crazy time […]

Wine with Erik F!! Holiday Issue!

Hey Brucesters! This is Erik’s special Christmas wine review and his last review for 2016! Enjoy! Looks like there are some delicious options to keep you well lubricated over the Holidays! “Hey, all! With the holidays coming up I thought I would give you guys a few different options.” Erik Flemming. Oria Cava, Spain – 14.95 […]

Wine with Erik F!!!

Middle Earth Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand – 17.95 So when I went to the LCBO I wanted to get some New Zealand wine I saw the name of the winery and I loved it (for those not sure what I am talking about, Lord of The Rings was filmed in New Zealand). I took the […]

Put a Sock on it!

I know, I know, I’ve been somewhat serious lately in my blogs but you know sometimes there is just stuff a person has to say.  But fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy that shall be for all people!!!  I found a fabulous new sock shop!  Oh yeah!!  You know it’s not easy finding a […]

It’s All About the Thai

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by.  Another season of Bruce in the City is quickly coming to a close with just a few short weeks left of 2016.  It’s hard to believe I just keep cranking out this blog about, well me, and of course this fine city of Toronto.  Since 2010 I’ve been […]

Arwen made me do it!!

Hey Brucesters! I was nominated today by Actress Arwen Humphreys to participate in the 22 days! 22 Pushups!! Please check out these links and cheer me on! I did my 22 pushups today! 21 days to go! Arwen is pushing along getting the job done!! Amazing cause and an amazing Actor and a rebel with […]

Wine with Erik F!

Inniskilling Riesling-Pinot Grigio Hey, Everyone! Sorry for the late review but I totally just lost track of the days (working too much thanks to bruce in the city… lol). Now before I get into anything I know what a lot of you are thinking, “A Riesling?! That’s too sweet, I don’t want to have that or […]

That Ain’t No Bull!

In the neighborhood where I work my day job, I find it interesting to watch what businesses seem to come and go.  Retail is a fecal thing.  I have been working in my shop for two years give or take, and already I have seen at least four businesses come and go.  I’m not sure […]