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Wine with Erik! Christmas Edition 2018

Hey everyone! It’s almost Christmas time!!! Time for another great wine selection!! Dr. Loosen Riesling 2017, Mosel, Germany – $14.95 This wine has always been one of my favourite rieslings becuase of its amazing value. but be fast! this wine fly’s off the shelf! The wine bright, clear and has aromas of lemon, peach, and […]

Blog News!!!! Wine with Erik!

Wine with Erik Halloween Edition

Hey everyone! I heard you missed Sarah and I! I had no idea people read my little reviews let alone enjoy it! Thank you so much for that support! Life has been crazy right now and haven’t had a lot of time for myself or write a review but I’m setting aside on this lovely […]

Wine with Erik! He’s back!

Erik: Hey everyone! It’s great to be back! I actually just got back from BC and spent a lot of time on Vancouver Island checking out the wineries there and seeing how they’re doing and let me tell you there’s some interesting stuff coming out of there. If you ever get a chance to go […]

Back this September!

Coming this September! Sarah & Erik are back but this time teaming up to pair Sarah’s amazing recipes with Erik’s scrumptious wines in review! Stay tuned! Bruce in the City (For Sarah Germani’s recipes please check past blogs, Journey With Germani) (For Erik Fleming’s wine reviews checknout past blogs, Wine with Erik)  

Wine with Erik! Victoria Day edition!

Hey all! Erik here once again! Its pre long weekend stock the cellar time so I got a couple wines ready for ya! I went away to the Niagara region last weekend so since last month I did PEC, this month I’m going to have Niagara wines! Red stone sparkling rose – $29.95 This is […]

Wine with Erik “Soooo Ontario”

Hey guys! So This month I decided to do 3 Canadian wines, and more specifically, Ontario wines. I recently finished taking my Canadian Wine Scholar course and fell in love with Canadian wines all over again. I have always loved Canadian wines, I mean it’s what made me want to get into the wine industry. […]

Wine with Erik! A puddle of bubbles!

Hey everyone, I am making up a theme for march right now and its going to be rainy spring? Sounds sad but I promise it wont be! I mean, who doesn’t love at least listening to the rain? For me it’s relaxing and makes me happy (but once I have to go out in it […]

Wine with Erik!

Hey, everyone! Was it just me or did January feel like forever? Well here’s hoping February will go by a bit faster and get some nicer weather going with a wonderful Zinfandel from California. Liberty School Zinfandel 2012, California – $21.95 This is really a nice style of Zinfandel. Normally Zinfandel is very dark and […]

Wine with Erik! A Happy New Year Sparkling

Hey, Everyone! It’s Erik! I’m back from some great snow boarding and have I got a great sparkling to get you partying this New Years Eve! Freixenet Cordon Negro, Cava, Spain – LCBO $13.25 This sparkling is a wonderful example of a Spanish Cava. Cava is a wonderful style of sparkling similar to champagne but it […]