Message on the Moon

The moon last night was pretty outstanding outside my window.  Did you have a chance to see it?  It was so mesmerizing.  I have a thing for the moon.  In spite of all the suspicions that people become crazy during a full moon, I feel rather energized.

The full moon was on Valentine’s Day this year.  Did you feel it’s energy?  Maybe you don’t notice her at all.  I watch the moon closely. Many moons ago I had moved to Belleville for work. I had family living there anyway so it gave me an opportunity to spend time with them and get to know them all better. I rented an old house there. Which I loved.  I recall setting out all my odd little books and trinkets.  It was very rustic and it really suited me.  It was just a few short blocks from the bay and it was a beautiful bay.  I would go for long walks along the path.  I loved the full moon there. It seemed so full of promise.  I would make a wish on it and dream about my future.

That moment may be long over but the moon seems to remain just the same.  My perception of her is slightly tainted but she does ebb me to recall the three years I spent in Belleville.  I suppose that is why I love my home now.  Just off the Don Valley. Trees all around me.  Nature not for off.  A splendid view from every window.

I pulled out a few books of mine last night that I have not pulled out in years.  Some about candles. Some about the earth, air, fire and water.  I think I made a wish on that waning moon as I recalled my life in that town just east from here.

I jotted down some notes and some ideas for a book I’m toying around with to write.  I lite a few choice coloured candles and whispered a small chant.  I think this year is going to be something special.  Was that the message on the face of the Moon? I’d like to think so.  I’m counting the minutes when the city warms up enough so I can lay right under her and make my dreams known.

I give my head a slight shake to pull me from my day dream and get back to my writing.  Is there a little magic in the moonlit sky tonight?  You should look up and see what she wants to say to you.


Dedicated to Alice.

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