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Thanks for stopping by. I’m always humbled when I see dozens of people weekly signing up for my blog. Through thick and thin I try to write up a little something that will get you through your work day. I have a great deal of fun meeting the people around my city.

Greektown is, as you know, one of my favourite spots to stroll around. No matter how many times I’ve walk the Danforth area, I always find something new to write about.

This week I strolled into a cafe near the corner of Broadview and Danforth called Si Espresso Cafe. It’s not a very big place but what it is lacking in size, is abundant in quality.

That old saying. Big isn’t always better. I think that’s true for most things really. I think there’s nothing worst then shopping at those huge retail or grocery stores.

The same goes for the big corporate coffee houses. In saying that. When there is no cafe to be found these conglomerates do come in handy.

I love the owners mission statement. “I’m going to tell you something that you will never believe, but I love what I do!
The reason for this is simple…it’s the customers I have the pleasure of dealing with on a daily basis, I simply provide the space and coffee and they do all the rest!”

Sweet! Right! I mean it’s so personal and fabulous and he was really like that. The ladies at the coffee bar were like little groupies. I wasn’t sure if they were there for their espresso or the nice looking fellow grinding those beans. Like a good cigar it’s all in the quality of the harvest.

I ordered my panini with a double espresso and listened quietly to the ladies chat it up with Mr Handsome. A well groomed gentleman with a badass inked arm.

I just loved the environment and the one thing that struck me was the live music happening when I walked through the door. Just perfect!

Bruce in the City

Happy Burthday to my editor Mary Ellen!

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Happy Easter

Hey Brucesters!

I’m taking sunday off from my blog to observe Easter!

Have a great week and a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Bruce in the City “Hogtown”

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Hey Brucesters!

Having a good time here? Join me on my official Instagram @bruceinthecityhogtown More pics! More fun! More contests!

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Taste of Greece

By now it’s no secret I have a thing for Greek men. And women for that fact. Stunning and exotic people with an equally incredible history and mythology. I mean who doesn’t like the Greeks?
With the Greeks, comes food! Great Greek food! I can’t get enough really. It’s with this thought in mind when I got on to the wrong bus the other day. My plan was to have another international cuisine but the wrong bus turned into the right Greek Cafe. The bus dropped me at the corner of something and Pape and there was a cute little cafe called Phyllo Cafe. Their slogan fittingly, “Made Just Like in Greece” A true Greek experience. Apparently.
I hopped off my mode of transport and entered the Phyllo Cafe. A really sweet Greek couple smiled from behind the counter and welcomed me. She then handed me their menu and flyer which had a yummy looking strawberry crape on the cover.
What to order, what to order. You know I was feeling more deli than cafe to be honest. Low and behold they made fresh deli sandwiches! Let me be more clear, they make fresh corn beef deli sandwiches on rye, dijon mustard, and heavy on the corn beef. If that didn’t get my partner salivating I have no clue what would. Something told me this was going to be a highly fulfilling afternoon. Two corn beef on rye and two classic Greek sweets please. I grabbed the first bus home and surprised my man with one of the best deli sandwiches we’ve had in forever. I’ll have to return for sure, sooner than later. Their menu is Greektacular! Their prices are excellent too. If you’re local, look them up and stop by. Tell them blogger Bruce in the City sent you! I promise you’ll be back for more.

Bruce in the City “ Hogtown “

Phyllo Cafe
1028 Pape Ave
Toronto, On
Facebook @phyllocafe

Edited by

Mary Ellen Monk

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Leg Daze

The workout continues now that my spring cold has taken a hike. This week it’s all about the legs. Most feedback at the club seems to be that people don’t enjoy leg day. Oddly enough I really like leg day. They’re just muscles that seem to give me that burn I love. Maybe I’m a bit of a saddest! Seriously though. The legs are a great muscle group to help burn fat while strengthening your lower back and butt.
Here are some do it yourself exercises that will help strengthen those legs! Until next week. Keep workin out!

Bruce in the City “Hogtown”
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Basic Bruce Merch

Order now!

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Pub Time!

Nothing can beat your time with the fellows. Gay, straight, bi, tri,… guys love hanging out and having their untouchable bromances. There’s pool, clubs, sports night, spa, and cigar night but nothing can beat a good old pub night. The local pubs in the city are always such a great place for the boys, and of course the ladies, to get together, get rowdy, and eat some of the best fare around. I went out this week with a couple of good friends of mine and had a great time. We chose one of our regular watering holes, The Midtown Gastro Hub! One of the hottest hot spots in Midtown Toronto. It’s two floors of great sports and UK decor. A great place to catch your local sports night and special events. The only thing they don’t have is live music and that sucks because they have the room to make it happen.
We did what men do best, eat. I had the Chicken Parmesan. My buddies had the Roast Beef Dip and the Irish Stew. My meal was really good, great flavour, and pub size portion. The roast beef dip silenced chatty Kathe. It’s got to be good to do that and again portion size was king. My Caesars were killer, I’d highly recommend them. I’ve got to say this spot would be the perfect spot to bring my relatives to celebrate some event. Like I don’t know, maybe, Me?!!
Maybe I’ll plan my 2019 Bruce in the City meet and greet event. I love meeting you all and getting to have a chance to share in some cocktails and dreams.
1535 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z2
Bruce in the City
Edited by Mary Ellen Monk
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Autism awareness month

Make a scene! Wear Blue!

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The “Ick” Factor

For fudge sakes! Just when you get in a good rhythm with your workout, life jumps in and smacks you with a dumbbell. For several months I’ve been getting to the gym almost daily smashing my core. Building my legs! Just working out with my goals top of mind.
Then life gets in the way. First my birthday. Time to visit the family for a few days because everyone (with all good motives) wants to fill you full of goodies and cake and spend quality time together. This is all very good stuff but where does one fit in their workout? Then you return home to discover one of your relatives you were spending time with was sick! So of course you come down with a bug. Sore throat, chest mucous, coughing, running nose, slight fever, and a partridge in a pear tree! Now twelve days later my ass is still in bed and I have not seen one hot guy at the gym. I mean I haven’t worked out at all. I have four more sessions with my trainer and I can’t get my beautiful bubble butt out of bed to work the freak out. This is discouraging! This makes me so angry really. I’ve got goals! I’ve got Pride and it’s only a few short months away. I just feel “ick”.
What the freak am I going to do?
First, calm down. Deep breath in, followed by a coughing fit. A soft exhale, followed by a coughing fit.
Second, forgive your relative that made you sick! That’s a hard one but okay, forgiven. He got gout the next day so the gods took care of him. Oh now that’s just cruel. I do hope he gets better quick.
Third, do some small stuff at home. If you’re able, get that dusty old soccer ball out of the closet and do a few focused crunches. Just a couple. Work a bit on some light core exercises like the ones I mentioned a couple of Wednesday’s back. Pat yourself on the back and then get back to bed.
Fourth, in my opinion cheat little. You already feel like shit so have a little treat and then try not to beat yourself up over it.
Fifth, get a plan in motion: a date to return to the gym pending flu recovery.
Sixth, let it go! Working out is a journey not a destination so it’s okay! Literally remind yourself, it’s okay. You may feel like you are failing but use this time as a test. Will I give up or do I have a plan in place to get back in the game once I’m feeling better?
Well although honestly I’m feeling super discouraged, I also got in touch with my trainer and hope to be back into the gym by week’s end. If you find yourself experiencing the “ick” factor this week just remember, you’re not a big fat failure! Seriously, shake it off Taylor, there’s always next week!

Wish me luck

Bruce in the City


Mary Ellen Monk

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Beard of April

Ladies, Gentlemen and Brucesters!

As you know, each month, I choose a bearded fellow that inspires me in some way! This fellow in his own badass way does that for me!

Reminds me to keep it simple and when I’m doubt get it pierced!

  1. yes… 39 years old… but somehow got stuck in the 90s🤣
  2. i will bring luck… if you fondle my little belly
  3. fluffy bear is looking for…
  4. happy and humorously people and people… who likes Ernie & Bert? … you are welcome…
5. Funny bear with ginger hair!

Sorry my English …. greez from germany

Hey brother we don’t mind! We got you loud and clear!

Bruce in the City

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