Badass Beard contest November


Check out this weeks beard competition. It’s all about this handsome chap!

1: I am an US Army Vet. 2: I am a former Mr. Ohio/Pa Bear. 3: I’m an avid camper. 4: I am a Bearded Villian. 5: I love to travel. Vote now! Instagram @bruceinthecity

Bruce in the City


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Let November Beard Contest Begin


Im excited to announce that I will be back in January 2019 with all new Sunday articles about my great city Toronto! I’ll be covering exciting people, business and talent from the city and beyond. Before the new year breaks however we’ve got two more exciting months of the Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest. You know that stands for Bruce in the City right? 😉

Let’s do this!

Here is one sexy beard ladies and gents! This is Loki!

Jeeze thinking of things about yourself is a challenge lol. But here you go

1. Northern Ontario transplant living in BC
2. Was raised in the outdoors, and still spend a lot of the summer camping
3. Single dad of two
4. Can’t turn down a great scotch
5. Will forever bow down to Gord Downie as a musical god!

Thanks Loki! Readers head on over to my official Instagram @bruceinthecity locate this article and this pic and hit the heart! It’s that easy!

Shop The Men’s Room for all your bearded needs and much more! The men’s room Toronto is the official prize destination for this bearded contest!


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October’s Beard Winner!


It was a wicked October with some of the finest beards in competion. Here at Bruce in the City we love beards and we love beards that are out to make a positive difference in the world. The winner this month is one of those bearded fellows. I’m a fan of the organization he is a part of and the great things their doing in the name of changing the face of the Bearded is incredibly impressive. I’ll speak more about these fine men in a later blog but for now let’s join together and celebrate Abeer. October’s Badass Beard of the month! Stop by the men’s room Toronto on Church street and pick up your $20 gift card. There is something there for every bearded man!


Bruce in the City’s Sunday article will be back in January 2019! With all new reviews and local talent in the spotlight!

Stay tuned!

Yours Truly

Bruce in the City

The Mens Room the official shop for the Bruce in the City Badass Beard contest!



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Bruce’s Book Club


Its Book Club time again! Jodi Picoult is my author of choice. The third novel in this book series is Lone Wolf! Compelling and twisting! Follow the journey of a father and his relationship with a pack beyond his own. 

Bruce in the City

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Wine with Erik Halloween Edition

Hey everyone!

I heard you missed Sarah and I! I had no idea people read my little reviews let alone enjoy it! Thank you so much for that support! Life has been crazy right now and haven’t had a lot of time for myself or write a review but I’m setting aside on this lovely detour the TTC has created for us this weekend! So I picked a wine for Halloween! I realized most people are celebrating it this weekend but for those who are celebrating it on the proper day or for those that want a spooky wine for that night here we go!

Apothic Dark, California -$16.95 (That’s it!)

This wine is a deep dark purple colour and has wonderful notes of blueberries, black currant, cherry, dark chocolate and maybe a touch of vanilla! The wine is bursting with this fruit note mentioned and had a touch of sweetness which is balanced beautifully with the acidity and tannins givng a silky smooth finish! I absolutely enjoyed drinking this wine! Much more than I thought! Even my roommate, whom only drinks white, enjoyed a glass with me!

Hope you enjoyed this wine review! Thank you again for you support!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


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Badass BITC Beard Contest Grows on!


Our final beard contestant for October is Joey! Vote for Joey by visiting my official Instagram @bruceinthecity

Here’s a few fun facts about Joey and his beard!

1) Never used beard products until now
2) Always had a beard since the age of 13
3) People love smelling it and licking it
4) Never fully shaved it off , just trimming it. Letting it grow now.
5) Always let my stylist shape up my beard

Bruce in the City

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Badass Beard Contest Grows On!

Hey Brucesters

Is you favourite bearded fellow getting the votes they need to be Beard champion this month? Head over to my official Instagram account and hit the heart to on the solo beard pic and bio post! I’ve got a big one for you this week. It’s sure to be the envy of all the boys and the girls. Without further adieu…. This is Brad!

1. 4th generation Texan
2. I’m obsessed with craft beer
3. I’ve only fully shaved my face once in the last 20 years.
4. I’m really into Metal:Hardcore music, but I balance it with old-school rap.
5. I buy and wear a lot of jewelry, some of my favorite brands are Rotten Bones and Sterling Assault.

Now heard on over to @bruceinthecity and vote now for this bearded beast! He’s got my vote!

Bruce in the City!

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Beards! Beards! Beards!

Yaas! Brucesters!

I just can’t stop loving beards! How about you? I’m so glad I started this little contest! The beard one I mean! I know I owe the ladies a big contest for 2019! I love my lady followers as well and love seeing your posts on Instagram! If you’re not already following me there, please do so ASAP! It’s alot of fun and that’s where the voting takes place for all my Bruce in the City contests! My Instagram name is easy @bruceinthecity

Now without further delay…. This week Dan’s the man! His bearded is simply stellar! First here are Dans five fun facts.

I play trombone, piano and oboe. I have a bilateral hearing loss. I’ve lived in 5 states. I love dogs. My favorite food is pizza.

Sounds deliscious to me! Get over to my Instagram and vote now by hitting the heart on his photo and on his bio! Yes you have two chances to vote! Do it now! This man’s beard is the bomb!

Bruce in the City

The Men’s Room is the official prize destination for the Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest!

A shout out to Monty and team for their amazing generosity! 



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Bruce’s book club

Hey Brucesters

I hope all my Canadian readers had an amazing Thanksgiving this past weekend! Also those who are friends of democracy to the south, I hope your Columbus Day was Columbusy! As promised my book club continues as I enjoy a sabbatical from my weekly blog about my fabulous city each Sunday. I’ll be back in January with my weekly Sunday articles! Stay tuned!

In the mean time my beard contest grows on and Erik and Sarah are back with their monthly wine and food pairings!

People are still reading and so I hope you are all enjoying the return if my book club. This fall and winter season I’m excited to remind you that I’m featuring one of my favourite novelist, Jodi Picoult.

Last month I featured Nineteen Minutes. A captivating novel about the angst of adolescence and what can happen when bullying haunts the afflicted.

Thus month another one of Jodi’s classic novels. Just in time for the Halloween season. Your next classic novel haunt is Salem Falls! It’s been given many covers but still very available in print! Enjoy the mystery that is Salem Falls.

Bruce in the City

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Happy Thanksgiving

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