Badass B.I.T.C Beard #5

It’s February in the man cave and beards are out in full force. The January thaw is a distant memory and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here is another great beard to fall in love with!

I’m Marcel!
I recently moved to Toronto from Chicago. I’m a single guy.
A fun fact about me!?! I used to be a hand model lol.

Well I guess I should have asked for a hand shot instead! Thanks Marcel and welcome to Toronto! It does get warmer here. You are now entered in the draw for February!

Good luck mate!


edited by

Bruce Christopher

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Badass Beard Winner for January

Congrats James! You are the Badass BITC Beard of January! Looks like your beard was the baddest!
You have won a $20 Tim Hortons coffee card!



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BJ Cinema… Our reviews will blow you away! “Call me by your name.”

Finally John and I were able to get out of our cocoon of flu to review another movie for you guys. It’s a weird time of year for reviews because the year is just beginning and many of the movies have either been nominated or ignored by the academy. This one is up for some of those golden boys and I guess I need to decide how I feel about that. Call me by your name. It’s difficult reviewing a movie that you really want to love. I’d have to say I liked it. It was good. Is it Oscar worthy? I’m not sure, in my opinion, that it’s worthy. Who doesn’t love a good gay love story but it felt to me like the plot on this one was lacking something. I’m not sure it was because the actual relationship finally began deep into the movie that by the time the events played out I almost felt like yelling at the screen oh for god sakes get over him he’s not all that you silly boy. Not too mention the ease in which the parents went with this whole situation. I mean doesn’t anyone care that this story is about an under age guy struggling with his sexuality? I’m just not completely comfortable with this subject matter considering Hollywood has a serious problem in this regard. The other thing that bothered me was all the unnecessary crotch shots. Don’t get me wrong I like me some good tantalizing crotch shots but not when under the assumption that I’m being directed to catch a glimpse of a minor who is clearly before his best date. Not to mention it never really played into the story line at all. It was clearly angle tricks to tempt the eyes and make us all feel a little bad that we want to look at this young dudes junk. I mean if the main character caught a glimpse and it was torturing him inside or something then I’d get it but we the audience didn’t need that to enhance this story line. The music was the glue for sure helping to pull on our heart strings. Let’s not be mistaken. This is not a gay love story. This is a story about a man who allows himself to become physical with a boy of 17. I just don’t know if this is subject matter to be celebrated. What’s your thoughts John? I’m giving this film….

2 cosmos out of 5

Well if our previous movie review, “The Shape of Water” reminded me of the Sunday afternoon movies I got to see in my pre-teen years, today’s movie, “Call Me By Your Name” took me back in time, 34 years, to 1983 to a period when life appeared to be much less complicated than what we contend with currently.

From all the previews I had seen I absolutely wanted to see this movie. It had all the right ingredients for me, a dominant theme I could relate to, beautiful scenery and actors who had me curious as to how they would make this story work. So off to the cinema Bruce and I went to enjoy an afternoon’s viewing.

The script for this experience was written by James Ivory, of Merchant & Ivory fame – how many of you remember “A Room With A View” or “Howards End”? – I do!!! – who directed “Maurice” (the three movies being based on novels by E.M. Forster) which was a story with some parallels to the feature of the day. So I was even more excited to be transported into this world of the past.

“Call Me By Your Name” ‘s cinematography is wonderful with the colours of a Northern Italy in 1983 made to feel totally believable. Then we get to the story……

A 24 year old American university student comes for a six week visit to Italy to live with a Professor of archaeology and his family while assisting with cataloguing of the Professor’s accumulated paperwork and stuff. During the course of the visit the Professor’s seventeen year old son has to unwillingly giving up his bedroom to this guest, tolerate his presence, like and fall in love with him. Sounds good so far!!

The trouble is that this has to happen in 2 hours and 12 minutes!!!! I would be curious to see what the directors original four hour cut was like and see if it allowed the story to develop with a clearer sense of the time line. The movie in its current form would have been better served by drawing more attention to the calendar countdown in order to facilitate audience angst with relation to the events the characters experience. You never get a sense of the progress of the boys emotional journey. To be honest. I was left feeling unsatisfied. I decided to buy the book to see if the original text better supported the passing of time.

I’ll let you know if the book is any better.

2.5 cosmos out of 5


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Grin and Bear it!

The city is a big old place and it can certainly feel like that from time to time, but then something fabulous happens. You run into an old pal from high school days.

We never spoke a lot in high school. We kind of ran with different social groups.

I was a glee kid and he was one of the intellectuals. He was always very nice when we spoke but high school is a funny place and those social groups can really get in the way of some possible great friendships. It was brilliant when we reconnected recently and got to talk about the good old days (or not) and all the mess that was high school. We both agreed it was a lot of grin and bear it. As we chatted he started telling me about something he had found a passion in and I just have to tell you all about.

John started his business called Lil’ Bear Bakery in November 2016.



It all started after baking about 1200 cookies at Christmas time each year and giving them out to his friends, family, and coworkers.
Then John started having people asking if they could order cookies to give out at Christmas.Then amazingly he started receiving cake orders. This was a scary venture to start since he pretty much self taught himself how to do

things. John had never ever worked with fondant before and he felt he was limited with his different icing tips.
He decided to take a few courses at George Brown College. Since then John made birthday cakes for his family and extended family and friends but he is not just limited to cakes and cookies, he makes pies or whatever the order request is.
John got especially excited when telling me about his first request to do his first wedding cake for a gay couple. He has very competitive pricing, wisely to help those that have a very tight budget. This is a side job and stress reliever for John which, we agreed is very much how I see my blog. He doesn’t have a website yet but he is planning on getting on that sooner than later. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just look for John Hunking @ Lil’ Bear Bakery! You decide for yourself but these treats look brilliant. It certainly was fabulous bumping into you John and I wish you all the success in the world! Mention this article to John and get 10% off on your order until Feb 4th! First order only.



John Hunking

Lil’ Bear Bakery




5 kisses out of 5



Edited by

Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor:

find people are often nicer after high school. Everyone has given up on “fitting in” and they are just living the best possible life they can.

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #4

As promised more sexy beards coming your way!

I’m James. I like Cider and I like my local pubs. Chicken Wings Rock. I recently got let go from my job and I learned a tough lesson on loyalty. I am easy going. 2017 was a bit of shit year for me. I’m a construction worker in existential crisis since 1980. Love literature and film. Disillusioned but with a healthy sense of humour. I’m looking forward to good things in 2018. I think Bruce is hilarious. I don’t really like talking about myself and I like my beard but not as much as Bruce does!

Well James, I think you did pretty good. It’s not easy exposing yourself in public so good for you. You have now been added to our first draw for 2018!

Good Luck!


edited by

Bruce Christopher


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Spring Rollin

This is still my favourite part of my blog. Just me getting out and trying out local spots and telling you how fabulous they are. Sometimes however, they can be not so fabulous.

When I was out this past week getting myself organized to write my first review of the year,  I decided to go to Spring Rolls by Thai Pan on the Atrium on Bay Street. It’s not really on Bay first of all, it is on Dundas. Not sure why my receipt said on Bay. Anyway, their all you can eat lunch costs $18.49. I thought a bit much; I’ve been to many sushi places and this price was a bit high for fast food sushi but I thought I’d give it a shot. Most of the time pop is part of the deal. I mean pop is so cheap, why stick it to the guest? And certainly not at $2.29. But I didn’t argue the price. The place looked nice enough so I thought why not. I needed to clean off my holiday palette with a little fresh fish. Sadly, the server was really slow and I watched people who came in after me get their food before I received my soup and a couple of dumplings. The bowl was not even half full and the dumplings were under cooked. And that I’m afraid was the highlight of the meal. There were so many obvious dishes missing that are usual items at other all you can eat sushi bars. I asked the server for sushi pizza for example, a dish that is pretty basic on many sushi buffet menus. He just shrugged and said we offer more dishes at dinner. Which, by the way, they charge over $26.00. I think it’s actually $28!! Of course don’t forget the coke at almost $2.30! It was a very disappointing meal and I’m pretty addicted to sushi, as a bud of mine joked on Tuesday. So really it has to super suck for me to complain. The other thing that really bothered me was the quality of the sushi itself. The rolls were messy and loose and the pieces of fish were shaved like they were trying to stretch it out in fear of running out. It was also embarrassing as my plates piled up on my table.  Just bad. My server tried his hand at a joke and so he gets a point for that but generally the experience sucked! Written without prejudice. Try it if you want. It is only my personal experience you know!

1 kiss out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #3

January rushes on! It’s been a damn cold winter so far. Hopefully my bearded fellows have been warming you up. Thank you everyone for your submissions! I officially have an orgy of beards submitted and I’m going to do my best to get you up on my blog. In the meantime, keep them cumming! Meet our latest bearded stud.

Hey I’m Franco. I’m a Queer advocate. I’m a terrible singer. I likes old movies and new encounters. I like visiting different cities around the world, spending time with my friends and having a good time with sexy men- in and out of bed.

Welcome aboard Franco! Woof and woof! You are now entered in the monthly draw. Good luck!


edited by

Bruce Christopher

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Force of Will

Hey Brucesters! To keep with the spirit of my love for beards and my love for artists, here is one sexy fellow you just have to meet. Will Wilson is a 30-year-old Queer artist based in Toronto. He has worked in the photography world for a decade, previously volunteering with TIFVA and TIFF. He has also worked for Henry’s and Vistek, leading photo imaging stores in Ontario. In addition, Will has been a part time actor, as well as a PA for a few reputable and talented casting directors.

After gaining this experience, he has now enrolled at George Brown to continue his studies in photography.

In getting to know Will over time, I learned of some very real losses he has faced over the past three years and he has truly been an inspiration of strength and determination to many friends and fans alike.

I’m definitely a fan and have been personally inspired by him. It is a true force of will as he focuses his love and passion to express himself from behind a lens.

Will is an avid traveller, having ventured to 20 different cities in 2017. Incorporating travel, he is focusing on his career as a photojournalist. Currently his work is being displayed at one of my favourite hot spots in The Gay Village, “Pegasus on Church”. Will has some other venues lined up and I’ll be sure to let you guys know where and when.


edited by

Mary Ellen Monk

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Badass B.I.T.C Beard #2

I really enjoy all your amazing beard pics you are forwarding to me. I especially enjoy all your fun facts. The response for my beard segment and contest is getting an overwhelming response. Thank you for that. I recently had a fellow ask about moustaches. I’ll guve that some thought but fir now it’s all about the beard. Let’s meet our second Badass B.I.T.C Beard of 2018!

Hey everybody! I’m Wayne! Im a dog groomer. I’ve been grooming for 13.5+ years. I’m a huge video gamer, RPGs such as Final Fantasy are my favorite. I enjoy working out. I love baking and enjiy cooking. I’m covered in tattoos and plan on getting many more, of course.

Congrats Wayne. You are now entered in the monthly draw!


edited by

Bruce Christopher

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3,2,1 Launch!


Tonights the night! I hope you tune in to a fabulous new show on CTV! Oh so Canadian and oh so exciting! I got a golden ticket to one of the hottest shows hitting the small screen. The Launch! Of course I say nothing about what I saw and all it’s exciting details but I will say. The taping I was at featured one of my favourite artists of all time! Boy George!!!! It was an exciting day for sure and I was one of the lucky few that got to ask Boy George a question during question answer period. He was a gentleman through and through. I never asked him a question but took the opportunity to thank him for building bridges for LGBTQ people around the world through his music and his style! Let the auditions begin!!!


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