Silver City, Ruby Slippers?

DSC03903I leaped exuberantly from the right side of my bed.  I love mornings in the city when all your energy is in the right place!  The sun was rising in the east and it’s reflection beamed onto the rentables across the ravine.  I just knew it was going to be an outstanding day!

I ran out of my sleeping quarters almost forgetting to throw on some underwear.  One must never forget, one does not live alone!  I hiked up my American Eagle boxers and started my cattle call to the other dwellers of suite 4*5.  “Come on everybody!” “Rise and shine!” “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ!”

There was a moments pause and then I heard it.  The moans and groans of the others.  I unfortunately was the only one privy to my plan for the day so my cheering section was lack luster at best.

I ran into the washroom and threw off my “Bird Shorts”.  Remarkably they landed perfectly on the door knob, magic!  After I and everyone else got squeaky clean it was off to see “Oz the Great and Powerful.”  We went to Silver City theater at Yonge and Eglington.  I always enjoy going there because the young people that work there are always very cool and seemed to always be loving their gig.  I asked a few of them if they had seen the film but they hadn’t so I was left to my own, in my anticipation.

We took our places in theater 8 and because it was mid week and a matinee we avoided the much dreaded masses.  There was a couple just to my upper right side that were grazing on popcorn and nibs (I love nibbs) and to my left a bouquet of Asian ladies staring down eagerly at the darkened screen.

Jump forward to end of movie!!!

Wow! What a fabulous experience! The entire movie was excellent.  The connection to the original movie “The Wizard of Oz” was perfect but….


What the freak happened to the ruby slippers????? I loved the entire movie. Franko was excellent, Michelle of course was wonderful! But what the freak happened to the ruby slippers????  Everything else seemed to have a tie in to the original movie! Accept the ruby slippers!  How is this possible?  It was so perfectly executed.  Basically the second sister or witch, the one Dorothy (Judy Garland) drops the house on didn’t get any ruby slippers in “The Great…” so where the freak did they come from???

As the ligths came up in the theater, I could almost see, hovering above everyone’s heads the question that we were all asking “What about the ruby slippers?”

Well to forgive is divine so, loved the film, but would someone please explain the lack off fabulous footwear!

Oz the Great and Powerful

4 kisses out of 5 (for leaving me in question)

Silver City theater @ Yonge and Eglington

5 kisses out of 5

Now it’s off to Jurassic Park 3D

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  1. One of my readers posted this as a private message, thanks so much this is great information!

    “What happened to the Ruby Slippers?”

    Trust a costumer to know…

    In the “Oz” books, the magic footwear is the “Silver Shoes”.

    When MGM made the movie, the studio head declared, “This movie is in Technicolor, so I want to see COLOR!”

    Thus, the Silver Shoes became the Ruby Slippers, with MGM holding the copyright & trademark on them.

    MGM has since been bought out several times, with each buyer getting the rights to everything, including the very lucrative copyright & trademark on the iconic Ruby Slippers.

    Today, Warner owns the MGM back-catalogue of films, and it would never let a competitor buy the rights to use such an iconic item as the Ruby Slippers in a film. It would also vigourously pursue any unauthorized use of the Slippers.

    So, between authenticity and legal issues, you didn’t see the Ruby Slippers in that movie.

    If you want to make your own pair of really authentic replicas, Schrum Studios has the special sequins that are identical to the ones on the originals (small, dark red, transparent), plus the plans for the overlays & bows, and even perfectly shaped & sized resin shells for unwearable display versions.


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