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I love when I get thrown a curve ball!  I feel like Rachel Maddow, the host of the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.  She’s constantly having to change things up these days with the ever changing tide of political crazy in the United States.  My reason is not as dramatic, but to me just as important.
I’m sure if you have read my blog by now you will have heard of Will Wilson, a really talented photographer and acquaintance of mine.  If not scroll back and get acquainted with this bearded fellow.
Today he is my guest writer on my blog.  I thought the subject matter perfect considering where we are in our calendar year, back to school!  I encourage every one of you to check out Will’s inspiration for his latest project and watch the You Tube posting of this relevant and touching piece.
“The project 50 shades of shade is to help voice the concerning amount of adult bullying in all forums of culture.  This is an issue that’s been spoken to before, but with 50 shades of shade I’ve had candid conversations with great people to address the elephant in the room.  Watch and see what your thoughts are.”  Will Wilson


Thank you Will for this important message and for including me in the project.  Watch closely, I get a brief cameo.
All the best to everyone returning to school this year.  Remember bullying is just not cool!  Not anywhere! Not anytime!
Please check out my own personal story and my experience with being bullied.


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