Workout Wednesday the cardio debate

It’s amazing to believe that even in the world of fitness people hold opposite opinions when it comes to cardio. I know! Who knew?

I just assumed probably like you that everyone is to hit the cardio regiments hard but that’s not actually the case. I had been doing about 30 minutes of cardio every time I visited the gym but apparently for the results I’m wanting tonnes of cardio may not be the thing. For me I’m
looking to lose inches and build muscle. Ten minutes of cardio or 15 at the most warms up the body but doesn’t cause the body to start feeding off it’s muscle. Now I am no expert at all. I’m just going by my own personal exploration on the subject so you should always speak to a fitness professional for advice. This is what I learned from mine. When you do a solid workout your body naturally feeds off itself to help build and protect those growing muscles. Of course cardio is always good for the heart but I don’t drive so I get a lot of natural cardio which is why this type of workout works for me.

This past week has been a struggle. Birthday weeks always seem to be and then I got my brothers sore throat so it’s rest time. I don’t think it’s a good idea to work out when you’re not feeling well. Just make sure you get back up on that horse once you’re back on your feet.

To cardio or not to cardio, I guess all depends on what type of results you’re looking for. Let’s put it this way, cardio is never a bad thing so ask your fitness professional for help!

Keep up the good fight if you are in a fitness program. If you have yet to commit, that’s okay, there is always tomorrow.


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