You Turn me On I’m A Radio…Station! 199.5! Yikes!

Ok! It’s seriously time to get my butt in gear!  Spring is very here and I have no excuse to be weighing in at an unfabulous 199.5 lbs on my scale this cloudy Sunday morning.  I’m a radio station! Yikes! What has happened to my twinkish figure!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have struggled with weight since I stopped dancing back in the 90’s. As much as I have tried to jump start a healthy lifestyle I seem to be missing the boat and over time I find myself turning into a small floating device!

Maybe it’s Karma coming back to bite me in the arse for all my jokes about others who were horizontally challenged. So I officially say “universe I am sorry I am such a jerk and I take back all the fat jokes I have ever uttered. Ok most of my fat jokes. Ok who am I kidding! But still, my preoccupation with weight has gone way back really. Once I lost all my added pounds in my 20’s, everyone seem to watch even closer to see when I was going to gain them all back and then some.  I have even made every partner I have ever had become obsessed with there weight and for that I do feel bad.  I hope they realize how beautiful they really are just being who they are.

Well readers “I Am Coming Out!” Out of the shame closet and into a time of spring cleaning. Metaphorically of course. It’s time I look into my own growing trunk and get this weight off once and for all.  Knowing me if I don’t get it out and onto my blog I may never get it together.

I did get the ball rolling with yoga and I will continue that exploration but who am I kidding cuddling to the cracker dish in bed is my dirty little secrete, among other food indiscretions.  I challenge you to do the same.  Be honest about what you put in your mouth.  I have put some really unacceptable things in my mouth over the years and it has finally caught up to me.

I am going to log my results here for everyone to see (weekly).  Don’t believe what the media tells you. Men do care about their weight. It is the shame that does not allow them to change and to act nonchalant about their gut! Let’s face it, if a man admits the desire for change with their health it is seen as an act of weakness.  Many a man have gone to the grave because of the fear of shame.

The goal is 41 pounds in 68 days! Just in time for the official kick off to Toronto’s Pride Week 2012, June 22ND! I’m not sure the goal is completely realistic but the point is I am going to work my butt off to shed some pounds before the big week and so off I go for my morning walk down the Don Valley with Joni Mitchell on my “I Pod”

Join me and shed some pounds with me! I will post my updates weekly at the end of my weekly article! Post your comments and let me know how you are doing! We can do it together! Who’s with me let me know! Post your comments today!

Wish me luck!  Now to get rid of all this Easter chocolate!


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I have been writing my blog since 2010. I was inspired to do so after enjoying an amazing meal with some friends of mine here in Toronto. I decided to tell everyone about my great night and the fabulous restaurant I went to and shazam my blog was born!
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10 Responses to You Turn me On I’m A Radio…Station! 199.5! Yikes!

  1. Bruce Christopher Ok! My first day looks like this! Sunday Breakfast: Black Tea, pear Snack: Black Tea, One tea cookie Snack: Handful of Popcorn, Handful of Nibbs, Ice Tea Dinner: Ceaser Salad (no bacon or croutons) two small pieces of breshette and a glass of red wine. Not perfect but a good start.

    Bruce Christopher Day 2: Breakfast-Rice Crispy’s w/milk, 1 toast w/jam and peanut butter, black tea Lunch: Salmon w/ turnup and brussel sprouts, kiwi juice Dinner: Chicken w/ brocli & cheese w 1/2 can diet coke Dessert: Judgicle 80 cals Thats it for today!!!

  2. Bruce Christopher Day 2: Breakfast-Rice Crispy’s w/milk, 1 toast w/jam and peanut butter, black tea Lunch: Salmon w/ turnup and brussel sprouts, kiwi juice Dinner: Chicken w/ brocli & cheese w 1/2 can diet coke Dessert: Judgicle 80 cals Thats it for today!!!

  3. Bruce Christopher Day 3: It was a much more difficult day! You guys don’t know how uch I used to consume!!! So this is still very good for me!! Breakfast: Black tea, 2 toast w peanut butter and jam Lunch: salad w steak diet pepsi Dinner: Tuna salad sandwhich and glass of white! hey this normally ends with a large pizza!!!!

  4. Bruce Christopher Day 4: So as the week goes I am getting a bit more creative to have meals that are healthy and exciting. Brunch: Toasted tomatoe sandwhich w/ glass of milk No Lunch: Dinner: App: Home made Fresh Healthy Cabbage Soup by Irene Leung from Port Dover On. Thanks for the great recipe! If you guys want it let me know!! Main Course: Sweet Orange Chicken Stir Fri on a bed of lettuce by Debrah Bashford , Cherry Valley On. Thanks Debrah for the lovely dish!!! I had a snack today which was a bowl of fruit w/ a tiny bit of wip creme! I just had to. Dessert: Chocale pudding low fat!!!

  5. maryellen says:

    Seems like you are doing well. David and I have joined weight watchers and have been counting points for a week now. We have our first weigh in on Saturday morning so wish us luck!

  6. Bruce Christopher Day 5: Breakfast: Creme of wheat w/​fruit smoothy Lunch: Paninni (steak,cheese,horseradish) V8 Snack: Pudding, Grape Apple Juice Dinner: Fruit Bowl w/a few cheese cubes and Veggie’s platter. Glass of red!

  7. I weighed in today and will post my first week tomorrow!!! All the best! It’s not easy!!!! We can do it!!! Thanks for reading!

  8. Bruce Christopher Day 5: Breakfast: Tea (black) piece of toast Lunch: Stir fry veggies w/chicken Dinner: Spag w/meat sauce Difficult day am away at bro’s hard to say no but did ok with portion control!

  9. Bruce Christopher Day 6: Breakfast: Missed Breakfast Lunch: BBQ Hamburger diet coke. Dinner: Garden salad w green tea! I weighed myself this morning and will post how I did this week on my Blog tomorrow!

  10. maryellen says:

    Our first weigh in I was down 4.5 lbs and Dave was down 5 lbs. Its hard but we’re still plugging away. Good luck to you. Waiting for the post.

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