0 Calorie Valentine Treats!

Posted by Admin1 on February 12, 2017
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As promised over the Christmas holidays, here is my shout out to one of the most creative shops in Toronto, Valentina’s Body Bakery.  I put a live video on my Instagram letting you guys see just how fantastic this body shop is.  I was grabbing a few last minute gifts for my family and happened upon this cute shop filled with bath bombs and soaps.  The magical part was that the soaps were all crafted desserts with zero calories.  The fragrance was scrumptious and the look of the full sized cake soaps were totally amazing.

A lot of the products are home made and really just stunning.  I decided to pick up a few items and they have made my bathroom smell and look wonderful.  Now I have to admit one isn’t really thinking about eating a cake while sitting on the can, and you might think smelling a sugar pie while taking a dump to be an odd adventure but I’m telling you it has made this typically stank, time killer into something of a relaxing spa poop fest.

What really topped it off for me was the incredible candles she sells.  They’re called Charmed Aroma candles and seriously who doesn’t need a little scented charm while doing the do?  I mean I do.  I bought one that smells like sweet balsam.  Trust me, light that up and one can hardly tell they’re killing the ozone layer with each ferocious fart.  To top it off, at the end of the candle there is a ring waiting.  Apparently all these candles have a ring as a gift at the end.  So now my ring isn’t the only one burning it up in the boy’s room.  Seriously the smell is wonderful.  The candle of course, not the…. well anyway.

One thing I can’t stand is when you go over to someone’s place and they don’t leave any lovely scents for you in their bathroom.  I mean who does this?  I assume it may be a possibility that one may have to drop a load if they’re visiting me for more than 2 hours.  Give a guest a candle to light or better yet have one going.  No one wants to drop bombs in your bathroom anyway really, but if they have to isn’t it nice to think you have lit the way to a comfortable feel good experience.  And for God’s sake don’t comment on how long they took.  They know.  They were the ones wiping frantically trying to get back out there so you think they only peed.

Crazy stuff.  So Valentine’s Day!  It’s just around the corner.  Get it together and get your gift on.  I am not for this anti Valentine stuff.  Embrace a little love.  If you’ve got someone, then embrace it and if you don’t then embrace yourself.  If only for 15 minutes.  It will make you feel better and as far as I’m concerned you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy this holiday.  I often wish I was single.  Not really, but if you are stuck for something fun and sexy to give your sweetheart check our Valentina’s Body Bakery.  It is exquisite!

Happy Valentina’s Brucesters!



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