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Posted by Bruce on July 10, 2022
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  1. Congratulations Jonathon your first book of erotic stories! How does it feel?

Thanks so much, Bruce! It feels nice to finally get my stories out there after working on them for so long. I think I wrote the first story eight years ago, so this project has been following me around for a few years. I’m thrilled people get a copy of this collection of hot and sometimes hardcore (in the gay porn sense) stories and hopefully discover or rediscover the joy of reading erotic short stories (and wanking with one hand as your other holds the book).

  1. What were you like growing up and where are you from originally?

I was born in Drummondville, which is about an hour outside of Montreal in Canada. We moved a lot but then we settled on the south shore of Montreal, in a small town called Greenfield Park. I was quite a shy boy, but was always interested in “girly stuff”, as they used to say, which was code for art and culture. I was an amateur child actor, I did over thirty plays and musicals, but then ended up studying communications and Fine Arts. I now have a master’s degree in film history, and Daddy Obsession is my first compilation of erotic short stories.

  1. What inspired you to begin writing?

I’ve always written a lot when I was younger, whether it was poems (I was bad at it), or short stories. But a few years ago, I met someone on Facebook who introduced me to the world of erotic short stories writing; he told me about a lot of some of the authors and it’s then I decided to explore that new means of expression.

  1. Who are some of your favorite authors?

That’s a difficult question. I love Bret Easton Ellis, but not all of his work. I adore Amélie Nothomb, she’s amazing. Of course, I’m a fan of Armistead Maupin and Truman Capote. Oh, and Kim Thuy, she’s the best. I think she was translated into English too, go check her out.

  1. Tell me about your new book.

Daddy Obsession is a collection of nine erotic short stories (or 14 stories in the Deluxe version—with a NSFW cover) that all have one thing in common (besides hot steamy sex): daddies. After discovering early on that I had a daddy obsession, I decided to channel that (not only in sex) but in different stories that have all been inspired in some way by actual encounters. It’s a good book to have on hand for rainy days or when none of your sex partners are available and you need to cum.

  1. Which story in your collection is your favorite?

My favorite story is the first one of the book but only because it’s the story that started it all. And I think the one that’s closest to a real evening I had way back when. I wrote the characters based on real people (names have been changed) and so I have a soft spot for it. That being said, and I don’t want to be corny, but I love all of them in some way. A lot of them are postcards or love letters to great people and hot moments.

  1. Do any of these stories mirror your own personal life?

Is this an autobiographical book? Not really. But are all these hot stories based on real people that I have met? Yes. In writing this book, as with every art project that I create, I based myself on faces, shapes, situations and orgasms that I have experienced. So, every story has at least 15% of truth, but some are closer to things that I have lived and felt.

  1. Where can we get a copy of your book?

The best way is to go to my website, and on the first page, there are two buttons you can push: the first is for the book and the second is for the deluxe version. I’d get the deluxe if I were you; first, it has a hot man showing off his penis on the cover, second, there are more stories (14!!!) and third, all the proceeds go to 3 amazing LGBTQ associations in Montréal, so the more you spend, the more they get.

  1. When do you plan to have physical copies?

I only have physical copies. I want people to read a real book and cum on real book pages.

  1. Where can your fans check you out?

They can check me out of Instagram @johnnimagni. Thanks Bruce!

Author of Bruce in the City Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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