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Posted by Bruce on January 29, 2012
Local Talent

We gathered around the table like knights of old and fed on a plethora of wines, white, red, young and vintage.  There was  a new friend in the circle I had not met before, charming. The rest of the group was made up of everyone I had grown to know well and admire for their uniqueness.  One is a wiz in the kitchen. One keeps the party going with his in-depth knowledge of music old and new.  The others have a variety of intrigues, which keep me coming back for more and tonight was no different.

Tonight we were going to brave the minus degree and windchill and make our way on foot to U of T’s performance of “Cabaret” directed by Adam Brazier.  I have to admit, I have never seen “Cabaret” on stage or film. Of course I know the songs. Who doesn’t? I’m a blush admitting I have never seen it! Wasn’t it Liza’s big breakout performance?

My good friends had picked up a hand full of tickets and got us all together for a real capital H.I.M night.  I grabbed my ferragamo Penny Loafers and ran out to grab my waiting cab! Suddenly I felt like Diana Ross in “The Wiz” caught right in the middle of the most unexpected tramp of a blizzard! If you don’t know the reference I can’t help but wonder where on the planet you dwell. I hopped into my cab and prayed my very weather inappropriate shoes would survive the night! Damn it, did winter have to arrive tonight?  I popped an anti-anxiety pill and left my leather lovers in the hands of the gods!

The eight of us boys running through the streets of Toronto from Church to University under a weather warning that Snow Miser couldn’t have predicted, was a sight to behold! Why we didn’t get a cab was beyond me! I was just pissed that not one of them offered to carry me.  Alas, I just had to buck up and let the snow fall where it may. Bitches!

We arrived just in time for the performance to start! I love this part when the lights lower and every care is about to disappear.  Let me just be clear I am no judge of the theater but I have seen my share of live performances, “Les Mes, Mama Mia, Evita, White Christmas, The Lion King, Phantom just to name a hand full and being a performer since the age of like 5 myself, I like to think my opinion means something. If you don’t think so I am very ok with that anyway because I am still digesting that anti anxiety pill I popped earlier!

The show begins.  From the moment he entered the stage and opened his mouth, he took us on a journey! A thrilling, compelling ride of the bizarre and the sexy.  Where most would over shoot this character he nailed it! I have a classic case of A.D.D so holding my attention is a task at the best of times. My A.D.D was healed if not for a moment in time. I am reading a great book you may know “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Well Michael was in the Now the entire performance! Michael, took the character of Emcee and literally became him.  Michael- David Blostein was sublime.

Aw!!!!! 15 minutes for intermission!!!!! The boys and I went out to the snack line and the buzz buzz buzz was everywhere! Michael this Michael that! I could hear people all around me! Kind of annoyed me really, the buzz buzz of Bruce would just have to wait until Sunday when I would cry I’m not worthy, on my Blog at such a wonderful performance by Michael and the entire cast. I certainly need to mention Courtney Lamanna as “Sally Bowles” Keenan Viau as “Clifford Bradshaw” and Renee Stein as “Fraulein Schneider” all outstanding in their respectful roles!

We gathered up our coats to head back out into that cruel winter furry, as I was about to hail my cab. I was able to share a hand shake with Mr. Blostein “Emcee” and tell him how wonderful he was! “Run straight to Broadway” I told him and then I thought, No he’s ours “Canadian”! A “Great” in the making that I’m certain will have a lustrous career wherever he chooses to share his talent. One things for sure soiling my Ferragamos was quit all right with me at this point!

I hopped into my waiting cab and disappeared into the night!  I just love this city! Every corner has a new story and I just can’t wait to keep on sharing them with you.  Thanks “Hart House Theatre” You certainly have alot of heart! Ooh what’s next???? “The Night of the Iguana” by Tennessee Williams.  It’s running from Mar 2-10 2012! Hmmm just in time for my B-Day!!!


Out of 5 kisses!!!! This performance gets a big fat 5 kisses out of 5!!!

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