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Posted by Admin1 on January 26, 2014
Customer Service Watchdog

Hey everyone!  As the year gets a frozen kick off I find myself getting a little cabin fever.  I get it; I’m a Canadian and should be able to suck this up but come on, do I really have to like this incredible cold?  I think not!  Don’t stereo type me.  I hate winter and I don’t care if I am Canadian.  That is why I must eat pizza!!
Okay so a weak opening statement but it’s so true of this time of year.  We all seem to gravitate to those fabulous fattening feel good meals.  Well it’s no wonder.  Unless your are a lover of the -40 days and the piles of endless snow, eating seems to be the one certainty that can get me through this “Devil Tundra”.
I have been asked out a dozen times to enjoy some fun around the city and I just can’t find it in my body to get engaged.  Maybe I am seasonally depressed?  I don’t feel depressed.  Not like I was last year. Between the dark days and the horrifically long work hours at Ben Moss I really did feel like I was in Hell.
No, this year it’s all about this freezing weather.  I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old but I’m just not enjoying this snow job so I call one of those pizza places for some indoor eats.  Good old 2 for 1!  I’m sure you have heard of them.  It’s not really a pizza place I call often.  I’m usually a fan of Pizza Nova but what the heck, live on the edge eh?
Anyway I order, throw on a movie and wait.  The movie rolled on “Legally Blonde”, such a classic.  Everything a fabulous man needs to know about social survival.  I continue to wait for my 2 for 1.  Hmmm “Bend and Snap?” Something?  Nothing?  Watch the movie girls!
Almost an hour after I placed my order I have yet to hear a word about my pizza.  Aw, alas the phone rings.  A guy on the other end begins to tell us off for not answering our door.  Of course I’m confused because no one came to our door.  I explain that to him but he was not hearing any of it.  Apparently we missed his knocking…. Odd because we do have a dog and well she would have made a fuss if the door had in fact been knocked on.  The guy on the other end of my line continues his rant and says he will buzz up again.  Again?  He never buzzed in the first place.  Of course I tell him this to no avail.
I wait for him to buzz up again.  In the mean time I call the office to talk to someone in customer service.  I was lucky I guess because I got the supervisor on duty.  I tried to explain the situation and she told me “the guy” had already called her and apparently told her he had been to our place and we refused to answer the door.
I denied that of course and tried to explain that no one came to our door.  The guy was never at our place.  She never believed me.  After several minutes of trying to share my story I informed her that in fact no one has yet to try and buzz in this time either and he said he was going to try again.
I told her I didn’t feel that I should be paying for the pizza since now it has been well over an hour but she said she did not have the power to give us the pizza for free.  Can you imagine the kind of “Power” that one must have to allow a home (waiting for pizza for over an hour, being accused of lying and still waiting for “the guy” to ring up for the questioned second time), the honour, when it finally arrives to have a dinner on 2 for 1 for ALL the inconvenience they caused.
Finally when “the guy” finally arrived he told us he went to the wrong condo!! Okay, I thought. Then maybe sorry would help things out here.  I went to pay and no debit!!!  Argh, which I asked for when I placed my order!!! Help!
I politely said good night and closed the door.  There was just nowhere to go from here!  I called the office back and explained what happened.  I got another customer service person who decided to hang up on me!  Is it really this difficult to get a pizza in this city?
I decided to call my old faithful “Pizza Nova” and order from them before calling 2 for 1 back in hopes of speaking to that supervisor with no power to resolve the issue, to give her one more opportunity to figure something out.  I did get her on the phone and she decided that she did not handle my issue well on any level and promised me a call from a manager the next day.

Aw, honestly the whole thing just exhausted me and we still had not eaten and it was 1 and a 1/2 hours past the time of order.  Horrific!  Snowed in, starving and accused of being a liar.  Overall a good winter’s night.
Well you can’t have everything.  There are people who have got it far worse then I.  But I do want to say….If you’re in the customer service industry always remember the “Customer” is the only reason you’re in it! Without us, you would be making that pizza for yourself!
P.S. The manager did give us a credit note for a pizza on them!  We are grateful.

Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

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