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Monthly Archives: January 2011

I Am My Own Rainbow

March 4th’s concert got the green light, which is great so of course rehearsals will begin next week.  I’m still recovering from a ridiculous foot/ankle issue that has really got me feeling like crap so I won’t be doing much before then.  I think I have the go ahead to return to work Feb 9th so I’m happy […]

The 40 countdown begins!

I started preparing to write my blog this past week and I was going to go on about one thing or another with regards to my singing and such but than something happened.  I hurt my ankle and have been stuck in bed since last Monday and no it never happened tobogganing.  With one attempt to […]

Magic Carpet Ride

Well another week flies by and it’s time to crown our newest winner of last weeks contest!!! Oh wait! That was the week before! Hey no one wrote anything.  Was what you did over the holidays some big secret? No one bothered to comment and win! Well, good to know!  I think I got the winter […]

I should have taken a limo!

Hello everyone!!!! Wow the first week of 2011 is over and what a week it was, what with our show at Cafe California we were rehearsing like mad men! Well, the show went off without a hitch. I wish I could say the same for the TTC.  My show was scheduled for 8 pm and I was […]

Happy New Year! “The box is rusty but the tool is still good!”

Ok so how did it all go down for you?  Let me know because I was home with one nasty ass flu.  But in spite of it, the evening was still one of the nicest I’d ever spent.  Thanks to one great partner.  So project for you! Let me know what you did  on your New […]