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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Four days I won’t soon forget.

  As you may have noticed I decided to hold off on my Sunday blog until today because I didn’t want to be premature with my Happy Family wishes!!  For once in my life I am right on time! I wanted to tell you something that I think has changed me forever.  One of my […]

We dared to celebrate…in “Murika” style!

Well kids, the boy is back and I’m ready to eat!!!! Having been layed up for several weeks with this damn ankle and now I’m finally out of my birdcage ready to resume my restaurant prowling, friends a gossipping, drinks a drinking and food a consuming!  Restaurants look out!  Let the truth unfurl!!!  I decided I had to celebrate […]

Many A Salad Will Do.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear John. Happy Birthday to you.  Well that was the song of last weekend as we celebrated my partners 40th Birthday. Still recovering from my foot injury we were not able to go away for our annual cottage escape out beyond Algonquin Park.  I collected […]

your home, my home, our home

Grey day Stillness in the barren trees The wash of white Snow laying quiet Everything and nothing Then you Quickly looking everywhere Up then down Making me feel hopeful Bringing me the message You warm my thoughts I think of green Noticing me  You fly off Red Cardinal Welcomed visit Out my window Your home My home […]