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Monthly Archives: July 2011

A tail from “The Bulldog Cafe”

You know I love to find the  little hot spots in the city.  This spot is no exception.  The summer is hot!  The Americano is hot  and so is this weeks high.  I decided to get out with the boys to catch up on some serious pal time.  The summer has been so busy and I haven’t really seen any body in a few weeks.  I’ve […]

Toronto’s Blow Job!

  OK you asked for it!  Talk about something that really lights my fire.  Every week I have the pleasure of thinking up new stories that I think you all may enjoy.  I am one of the funniest people “Ever”! I’ve been told and yes that’s true :o) but the pressure mounts every week to […]

Carried away….

  I am one lucky S.O.B and am so fortunate to work in an industry that allows me the great opportunity of meeting some of the biggest stars from around the globe.  I don’t talk about it much but of course there is a time and place when a little idol worship is appropriate. At one point I […]

Summer In The City.

It seems like the sun has finally arrived in Toronto and summer in the city is now in full affect. I have to post my blog direct on facebook this week because my web hosting company is working out some glitches in their system. I have been writing my weekly blog for 10 months now. […]

A Near CATastrophe!

  It all began simple enough.  We go away to a fab cottage.  Cat sitter visits our home to feed, clean and read to our little darlings.  Which includes our little baby Simon Peter (our bunny).  Many people think we are a bit abundant with pet but we would not have it any other way.  They […]