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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Lawrence of Toronto

Can you even get your head around that next weekend is Labour Day weekend?  I know I can’t!  It seems like the spring fashion line just got dropped and already we are shopping knees deep in fall fashion at Toronto’s crowning glory Holt Renfrew.  I gotta say, those cashmere sweaters and lux scarves are so […]

“Fonda to Victoria… right here in Toronto!”

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! What a busy week so far and I’m just in the middle of it! TIFF is just around the corner and already the city is buzzing with Star Twinkle! She is cute!  She is sweet! She is talented!!! And, she is at the precipice of a life so desired by many young women her age.  What makes a […]

Susan the Boyle! vs. Dracula!

I’m here.  Did you miss me?  I know you did, so I continue the saga which is my life.  Summer roles on and much to do about nothing seems to be the theme of the week.  Work was fabulously busy but by weeks end I began the quest of fighting off a chest cold, thanks […]

Blarney eh?

Aw back to my wonderful city, Toronto.  I just love her so.  No matter where I go I can’t get her out of my mind. Well,  It was my first day back to work from my short vacate which of course you all heard about last Sunday and I had decided to treat myself to a lunch, somewhere new.  […]

Couture For Cash….The Joy Experience!

It’s amazing to think I have been living in this amazing city of Toronto since 2005.  Wow time flies by.  I’ve met some great people I’m happy to call my friends and one in particular is such a Joy.  I met her about three years ago.  We worked together at Holt Renfrew for a couple of seasons […]

Sheraton or Bust!

For those of you who travel, whether to far flung places on the globe or a city a few hours away, you will already know that the experience can be made or ruined by two significant factors – the trip to get to and from the location and where you choose to rest your head while you are […]