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Monthly Archives: September 2011

“What a difference a gay makes!”

I just can’t help myself.  I love the Fall.  If for no reason than, that is when everyone comes back from their Summer escapades and I find myself feeling just a little less like “Lassie Come Home”.  Don’t get me wrong Summer is a great time of year to meet new slabs and blabs but I can’t help but miss the […]

Sinead…. What the…..!

I’m about to post my blog for today at, let’s see 1:52 am because I have yet to fall off to sleep, when I was thinking to change my mind on the blog that I was going to post!! There is only one girl out there I let proof read it and I’m sure when she see’s […]

Alan’s Essence!

Aw Old Hollywood!  I just love it!  I have always been such a big fan of the old black and whites.  There is something so romantic and classic about a movie produced in the 30′s and 40′s.  Even the movies from the fifties still held the look of classic Hollywood grandeur. So when I met this […]

You gotta have Spirit!

Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone! How did you celebrate the last weekend of the Summer holidays?  In tears, crying, sobbing, knowing the best of the year has gone by! I put my brightest head cover on and stopped by “Spirits” A cocktail bar/grill hot spot on Church Street.  My first impression was clean, very very clean. It […]