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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pass me the Flat Iron!

I spent the morning with my hand jammed in a raw birds back-end! “Is this Christmas Peter” asked by one of the psychedelic wise-men in the Christmas classic, “A Cosmic Christmas”.  Surprisingly not out on DVD yet, but each year I run to the nearest HMV to see if it has been re-released.  Very proudly […]

“Unemployed in the City”

Crowded streets, decorated windows. Foot tracks in the snow, city lights mark your way. Wallets full, shopping for gifts. Cold wind, chilled wanderer. Hopeful dreamer, empty wallet. People passing, frozen tears. Christmas arriving, stars on trees. Children laughing, he closes his eyes. Why me? He sighs. Unemployed in the city, frost bitten. Dies.

Get a Goodlife!

First I gotta ask, does anyone have a membership at a Goodlife Fitness?  If not then I guess you will just have to decide after reading my blog this week, whether or not you should. I’m not one to complain, ya right and I have honestly tried my damnedest to avoid spilling the beans on […]

Advent and Fiddles and Kilts… Oh my!

Happy Advent everyone!!! Not many people celebrate Advent anymore. Seems like their too wrapped up in wrapping gifts and greeting each other with Merry Christmas (or I’m sorry the politically correct or as I like to say the repugnant secular greeting Happy Holidays) so early to realize, Christmas actually starts on the 25Th of December. […]