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Monthly Archives: January 2012

You Gotta Have Hart!

We gathered around the table like knights of old and fed on a plethora of wines, white, red, young and vintage.  There was  a new friend in the circle I had not met before, charming. The rest of the group was made up of everyone I had grown to know well and admire for their uniqueness.  […]

One egg over easy with a side of super trainer!

We strolled into a bohemian drop in, on the Queen St. strip called Java House.  Lot’s of sunshine out but the cold blasts of 10- gusts, makes the find that much more inviting.  My buddy Jewel’s and I decide to order twin meals. One egg over easy, sausage, home fries, side salad and a never ending […]

Regaly Worm!

It’s a cold day and I’m in the mood for a cup of soup with a rag tag band of buddies.  I begin my textmania, and wait…  “What time?” “I’m in.” “Where?” “Will there be dancing boys?” “It’s only noon.” and that was the straightest of text replies. It was officially a four musk of queers, meeting on […]

My Holiday Purge

I’ve got to tell you – I am so happy the Holidays are finally over! (Not really) Aren’t you? Let’s be really honest here. The whole season just throws off the rest of the year. Doesn’t it? For example, you know you have been ticked at a friend, maybe a brother or your odd straight ballet teacher. […]

Bistro on Two.

The cottage was simply made of wood. Nothing fancy, just a few lovely simple rooms. Two bedrooms, a living room area attached to a small dining area, attached to a kitchen. A perfectly placed screen door. It was on Oak lake. I was 16. She was 15. She biked in from her small town almost […]