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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Birthday’s Are like…Part 2! We Did it Greek!

So as we ate our mussels and drank our wine poor John was home teaching piano to one of his students and trying desperately to come up with what he was going to do for me for my Birthday!  Not an easy task as my expectation was running high as I had, thrown him the perfect […]

Birthday’s Are like Masterbation!

Every year Toronto plays host to one of the most scented events on the Spring calendar “Canada Blooms” I have attended for the past three years.  Flower lovers from around the globe create their floral forms and compete in the annual flower competition.  It’s amazing to see all the countries that are involved, Africa, Australia, China, the USA […]

Who wants an L.C.B.O gift card?

You know what? I have nothing, nothing if I don’t have you? My mind is a blank! I have over 400 registered readers and not one of you has made a suggestion of wine for my “Eostara” gathering! Which leads me to believe maybe there isn’t anybody out there. I get it, it has been […]

Walk the Avenue

Enough dreaming of Summer’s past. It’s time to get with the now and right now (we) gotta take (our) good friend and her hubby out for a Birthday treat.  I did offer to take them out for lunch at the Mandarin on Yonge Street but they had something else in mind.  Since it was her Birthday I thought […]

I felt like Marilyn Merlot….Hiccup!

Aw Vino, Vino, Vino! My one true lover. You have so many moods and essences. Your beautiful tone and colour is addictive and cunning.  Your bold, your gentle, your earthy and you bite me on my tongue. You caress my throat like a hand of velvet and you give me one hell of a love […]