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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Breathing Deeply……

Aw, Monday morning! A little dreary but enjoyable for my daybreak stroll.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday as I always do but I was preoccupied!!!! I had a busy little week and it got away on me. I was trying to put together my thoughts for my blog this week but had a crazy time […]

The Years Fly By

Another year Flying by, like the wind that refuses to calm. The Moon rises on another memory. The Children, clap their hands in anticipation The balloons are blown The shadows of yesterday are gone. Kids, they gather from far and near. All shades, All backgrounds, imaginations running wild. They come to celebrate. They come to […]

You Turn me On I’m A Radio…Station! 199.5! Yikes!

Ok! It’s seriously time to get my butt in gear!  Spring is very here and I have no excuse to be weighing in at an unfabulous 199.5 lbs on my scale this cloudy Sunday morning.  I’m a radio station! Yikes! What has happened to my twinkish figure! Anyone who knows me, knows I have struggled with weight since I […]

Spring into the Holidays!

Spring Holidays from Around the World! Hey Readers! It’s a time for celebration! Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with family and friends to celebrate our traditions!  Let’s take a moment this Spring to rememeber to be open to a world of celebrations! We are all unique but “one” under the Sun so let’s work for […]

41 years 41 poses…Fabulous!

I am now one week into my 42nd year!  I spent some time soul searching this week. I wanted to take an inventory of what I think I have learned during my 41 years on the planet. The first is, those negative life experiences do come back to haunt you no matter how much you […]