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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Support the Arts! Damn It!

One thing is for sure! Toronto has some of the best concert and festivals in the world.  When I moved here almost eight years ago, one of the biggest draw factors for me was being so close to the arts. I have been entertaining people for 30 ish years.  That is hard to believe and since I […]

The Blog! The Diet! The Bruce!!

So how is that diet of mine going? Find out on July 1st! Will it be a total bust or did I manage to shed a few pounds? From 199.5 to….

“7 year Itch?”

“7 Year Itch” by Bruce Christopher You were my breath of fresh air. My confidant. My friend, my lover We shared stories. Too many to repeat. Then you hid away at night. Where did you go? What were you doing? You got the itch. You were never the same. You never failed to need me. […]

When in Doubt Cut it Off!

For any of you that have yet to be convinced to visit my fabulous city, please don’t let the events of last week turn you off. Unfortunately every great city has to deal with people of this nature. It isn’t right but staying away in fear isn’t the answer either. I never like to be the […]

No City Stroll Today

My Blog for “When in Doubt Cut it Off” Will be postponed until next Sunday due to the recent events in Toronto! I did have a blog planned today that I’m most certain you would have enjoyed but with the last 24 hours of nightmare here in my most loved city, I couldn’t bring myself to ignore […]