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Monthly Archives: July 2012

See You in September!

Hello city! Hello world! Hello Summer holidays!  I’m not sure what you are going to think about this idea.  I might as well toss it out there and see what you think.  As you know, I have been writing my blog since October of 2011.  I think I have done my very best to inform […]

One Happy Panda

Hi All!!! Oh the bliss of writing week after week and getting the chance to share my thoughts and feelings for all you lovely readers. Seriously, I wish I could see you all tuning in each week. Some just getting up in the morning with coffee in hand. Some of you rushing out the door […]

Not so Blue….

Hump Day Happening! It’s been a while since I posted on a Wednesday but as I prepare to enjoy a day in the city and to get on with the enjoyment of reading “Will You Take Me As I Am” I thought it only fitting to tantalize you with the list. The list is only […]

Bruce’s Book Club Launch!

Join me on the launch of my very own book club! On the 3rd Tuesday of the chosen month I will choose a book to read and hope you will join me on my journey. As you know I have never been an avid reader so knowing your joining me is just the kind of encouragement I […]

Not a Super Nova!

On the hit list this week is none other than one of our favourite delivery services in the city “Pizza Nova” The pizza is fab for the most part and I have to say we have been ordering from this company since we decided to forgo the cardboard pizza of another well known chain. Sometimes […]

I have two words for you….

Terrible!! Horrific!!! Have you ever been in a situation in which you were receiving really crap treatment from a particular company.  And, for the life of you, just could not figure out why????  Well my dedicated readers the cork has blown off the wine bottle.  For those of you with weak constitutions I’m thinking this […]

Underwear? Under where.

Happy long weekend everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing time! Very quickly, I would like to give a few shout outs to some readers that have always made a point to post comments about my blog. “Mary Ellen, Anne, Jen, Marcie, Alex!!! Just to list a few. I love reading your comments. […]

Happy Canada Day & Happy Pride Everyone!

This week: “Bruce in the City-the blog” will be posted Monday! See You then Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride Everyone! Bruce