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Monthly Archives: November 2012

It’s Always Something!

Despite the fact that sometimes life can feel repetitive and mundane, all that fades away when given two fabulous tickets to an amazing fundraiser.  Our highly entertaining friend and stage performer “Patte Rosebank” decided to send us a Facebook message asking John and I to the 11th annual “Gilda’s Club” event. Because I have my Facebook linked to […]

Thanks, Canadian Opera Company there was no Santa Claus!

OK, so I might be a bit early writing about the season which is quickly approaching, but this week has suddenly brought the Yuletide Season to the forefront.  Today, I hopped onto the trolley and made my way with “closenesses” to the Santa Claus Parade. We were running late, of course, because of church and […]

The Extra Man

Bruce’s Book Club! My review and my last choice read for 2012! Well I gotta tell ya. I really enjoyed Steve Martin’s book “An Object of Beauty” but the one thing that I found strange was being able to read past the fact that it was Steve Martin writing. Some of the more provocative story […]

Good Old Dan.

Before I commence with my blog this week. Let’s remember the men and women who gave and give their lives for our freedom. Past Present and Future We thank YOU. It isn’t often when we head out for a good meal or a much needed drink that we actually think of the history a place […]

Bruce’s Book Club

OK here it is. The truth! I’m still working on that Steve Martin book. I need another week! See you Sunday! B.

“Roy” out the barrel!!!

It’s funny you know, I get told all the time that I am a bit of a drama queen! I don’t know. I don’t see it but even though I do my best to avoid drama, it seems to find me wherever I go. I just love that I can get away with comments like […]