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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Extra extra read all about it!

Well I gotta tell you, I loved my last book club read! “The cross in the closet” was fantastic.  There were moments when, as I read, I wasn’t sure I liked what Tim was doing but as he led me through the days and months of his journey, I was continually drawn into his story.  […]

O Canada! O’Grady’s! Oh Oscar!!

And the Oscar goes to…. I have to admit. I was a little proud last night. Sitting with my friends watching Ben Affleck thank Canada for it’s participation in the Best Picture nod for Argo.  I sent him a tweet this morning and will of course be picking up Argo on Blue Ray today. Of […]

O’Grady’s Oh Oscar!

Bruce in the City!! Goes to the Oscars! Well at least to one very cool Toronto Oscar party! O’Grady’s on Church! Feb 24th 2013 7pm Book your table today! “Get my review and all the gossip Monday!” O Grady’s  http://www.ogradyschurch.ca/  

California coming home….

I love the city on Valentine’s Day!  The city is glowing red in all the decor fit for a strawberry field.  Romance is in the air and hearts of plenty are hanging in every local shop and cafe window.  The music that floats out of open doors reminds us that if we have not found […]

Love and Other Lost Items

What is with all this snow?  180 km an hour winds! Weather bomb! Extreme cold warning! Reduced visibility!  I hate winter, but instead of getting all caught up in the “F”ebruary blues, I want to share some thoughts about something warmer, love. OK, for those of you that are left and celebrating the approaching holiday […]


Is it Tuesday already? Where did Sunday go?  Crazy week behind me.  Groundhog Day past. Thank God, he’s calling for an early spring. My head has been in the clouds this week. As it has it I’m late on my blog. Strange but true. February 5th eh, hm. My partners birthday! Well I already took […]