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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Feelin The Love

Well as usual I’m late on my blog this week.  You wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been.  It’s kinda perfect though however that I am late because today in fact is my Birthday and believe me I have been feelin the love this past weekend. The clouds have finally rolled away and I have risen.  […]

A Little Re-Evaluation

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  from  Bruce in the City! A Little Re-Evaluation What makes life rich?  I have been mulling this thought over this week.  I have been thinking allot about my little place in the world.  It is no secret I have been a little unhappy this past little while and I think I […]

These are the women in my neighbourhood

Happy Daylight Savings Time! I can’t tell you how exhilarated I am that day light savings time has begun.  I swear on the Mona Lisa, I thought I was going to climb right up top of my condo and jump. I guess you could say, saved by the clock?  I was out sniffing around this […]

Happy International Woman’s Day

Woman The laughter, the tears, the journey, the challenge, the love, the joy, the Mother, the Daughter, the Sister, the Leader, the Woman!

Forever Yonge? Not so Much.

I am beginning to love my Thursday’s.  I have been getting Thursdays off thanks to scheduling and it has become a great day for me to catch up with my life and my city.  You know by now my deep hatred for the winter season.  “If winter was a dude, I would punch him right […]