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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Happy Pride Toronto!

See you here tomorrow for the whole sexy scoop! B.I.T.C

The Summer of Joni 2013 prt 2

There is always so much for a boy to do in Toronto.  One can get a cocktail on almost every street corner. You can find all the best salons and spas at almost any hour on the hour.  Huslters are just a snap away and you can see a legend perform live right before your […]

The Summer of Joni 2013 prt 1

Admit it or not, something happens to you when you hear some great song for the first time on the radio. A song that touches a chord inside of your soul. I’m not talking about the driving beat of some dance/pop song that has been mixed a million ways, to make sure no matter how […]

The Summer of Joni 2013 Prt 1 & 2

This Sunday “Bruce in the City-Let the Truth Unfurl” a two part look at a Canadian Icon! Joni Mitchell’s impact on the music industry, here and across the boarder. Don’t Miss it! B.I.T.C

Lot’s Of Fruit But No Passion

Without Prejudice: Each week I try my hardest to write a little something that will either help you out, ruffle your feathers, make you laugh or in some cases getting you thinking a little bit about yourself. Well this week I feel I just have to share some of my work life experience. As you […]

This Coming Sunday “Lots of Fruit but No Passion!”

Where is the Passion on the job?? Why does it seem companies will settle for less? Where has the integrity gone? Just a few questions I am going to investigate on my blog this coming Sunday. See You Here! B.