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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Firkin Wonderful

Sometimes things do work out. While we are sitting in limbo with regards to the Sarah Brightman fiasco, My good friend Rob called me up to let me know that we, my partner Jude and I, had been invited back to a pub that just a few short weeks ago served us up a dose of some […]

Dream Chaser “Nightmare!” prt 2

I am so surprised by the number of emails and posts I have received about my blog last Sunday.  Definitely my most popular blog since I started writing. Although you also enjoyed the one about the Opera Company last Christmas and how they kicked my 82 year old Mum in law off their steps so we missed Santa Clause […]

“Dream Chaser” Nightmare! prt 1

I have to take this one nice and slow because what I’m about to tell you is of a horrific disappointment to me and my partner. I bought us V.I.P tickets for Sarah Brightman’s Dream Chaser World tour back in April of this year. He saw the tickets available after the organizers of Sarah’s world tour date had […]

Something’s Coming. Something Good!

This Sunday’s blog will be posted Monday!!!! My review of Sarah Brightman’s concert! Excited about our meet and greet! B.I.T.C

Dancing Blueberries!

You know sometimes I am just the luckiest kid on the block. I have been writing my weekly blog  since October 2010 and I have met some of the most interesting people and have eat’n and shopped at some of the cutest little spots and I love writing about them. It happened to me yet […]

Bruce’s Book Club G.C.B

What was I thinking when I decided to pick up and read “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck?  Ya,  like I was going to zip through that book in a month and fix all the problems of the last 42 years! Now that’s rich! So lets just say it’s a read in progress! […]

I’m Feelin so LAVISHY

My six years at Holt Renfrew was a whirlwind of fashion and celebrities and even though I am so happy to have moved on from that experience, I can’t help but keep fashion close by.  I am not talking about what I like to call “Bulk Barn” fashion. We all know it Gucci, Prada, Burberry […]