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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Magic in the Air

What an amazing week I had! Seriously! I am not sure what was in the air but it seemed like a lot of magic.  I usually spend my weeks blogging about things to B.I.T.C about but this week it was all about the rebirth and the celebration of loves and other fellows!  My great friend […]


I strolled down Yonge street Saturday night as I do on many nights as I make my way home from work.  Tonight my gal pal Lana joined me.  She was restless and come to think of it, I think I was feeling pretty restless myself.  My day at the shop was fulfilling enough but we were both on […]

Truly Thankful

It is 7:53 am on this day before Thanksgiving.  The sun is beginning to brighten the sky and it’s overcast here in the city.  The ravine from my window shows so many colours now. Fall is here and showing off in true “Rainbow Fashion” (J. Mitchell).  I take a deep breath and take a moment […]

Dream Chaser “Nightmare!” The Final Curtain!

The week was long as I waited for the “Great Call” Steve from the U.K had called and left a couple of messages with Jude, my partner, that he wanted to speak with me about what happened at the A.C.C. We were pretty convinced by now that our nightmare would come out to some corner weeping ending. Steve sent me […]

Bye bye Bruce’s Book Club!

Hey guys and gals! Just to let you know I have decided to cancel my little book club! However before I do I want to give my 4 kisses out of 5 to G.C.B!!! Which was a fabulous and fun read! I’ll mark it as my last Bruce’s Book Club book! I’m just way to […]