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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Good-bye 2013!

Holy crap! What a week! Where was I? Oh ya, trying to find my way in the ice and snow! I can’t believe the week my city has had. First Rob Ford and then the ice storm of the century. Then more Rob Ford and his bleeding heart. Argh! I found it so irritating that […]

Christmas time is here….

I want to wish everyone a safe and warm Christmas. For everyone still in the dark. Keep the faith. Hopefully the lights will be on again soon (and everything else) Stay safe… I know many of you who are without power. Your in my thoughts and prayers! Always, Bruce in the City

Fade to Black

It’s Sunday evening. Anyone out there? The ice storm of the decade has now it Toronto and we just got our power back.  I just got a call from my store. Their power just went out. They are concerned. I am wondering how many people are in the dark. Saturday was scary.  We went to […]

“Puppy Pooh Head”

Oh brothers and sisters I’ve got to tell you!! I wish I had my trusty Sony camera on me the other day! Oh I would have taken myself a few pictures for you all that would have burned your Christmas pudding to a dark charcoal black! I was out shopping around for some Holiday goodies […]


Where were you when the news came?  I was sitting at my dining room table thinking about what my blog was going to be about this week.  I was watching Mary Poppins with Alice in Wonderland (my partners Mom) and drinking a coke. I heard a gasp coming from down the hall.  The kind of […]

Table for one

What people don’t understand the most about a big city when they don’t live in one is how community based it really is. It does seem from a distance that a big city is a just a sea of skyscrapers and stretching streets that never seem to end but the truth is, it’s a lot more […]