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Monthly Archives: January 2014

2 for None!

Hey everyone!  As the year gets a frozen kick off I find myself getting a little cabin fever.  I get it; I’m a Canadian and should be able to suck this up but come on, do I really have to like this incredible cold?  I think not!  Don’t stereo type me.  I hate winter and […]

Shared Occupancy

I was face booking with my gal pal and we were discussing our shared distain for Winter when it occurred to me.  Maybe it’s not Winter I hate.  Winter itself is actually a wonderfully romantic time full of, I don’t know, what?  -40, deadly windchill, dark exaggerated nights that begin at 4pm.  Yeah, it sucks […]

Good Will? Good Luck!

I like a nice pair of designer glasses or the newest trendy bit of condo home décor as much as the next but the truth is I also enjoy a good deal.  For good reason to I just can’t keep up with the Jones’s.  Sure between my partner and I we have accomplished some good […]

Filled, Fit and Fondled

The winter snow was coming down lightly and it wasn’t as cold as it has been.  The winter has been brutal this year.  I don’t recall a winter like this in years.  As a kid it felt like every winter was a blast of Arctic air from November to February.  I read a note that […]

The Countdown is on……

All New!!! Bruce in the City “The Blog” Jan 5th 2014!!!! Don’t Miss A Thang!!! B.I.T.C