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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Sorry readers. Not much on the menu this week. I hurt my foot and am in bed resting. I’m high on T3 with codeine. I suppose I could write the next Sargent Pepper on these but I am not really ready to be famous. See you all next Sunday. Wish me luck with this damn […]

Message on the Moon

The moon last night was pretty outstanding outside my window.  Did you have a chance to see it?  It was so mesmerizing.  I have a thing for the moon.  In spite of all the suspicions that people become crazy during a full moon, I feel rather energized. The full moon was on Valentine’s Day this year.  […]

Bruce in the City…Back to the Garden

It’s 3:44 am Thursday morning.  I wanted to write on my blog after sitting wrestling with stress most of the night.  I have allot going through my mind lately.  I have been struggling with this blog for some time. If you read it you will know, including this week, that from time to time I […]

They must have been The Beatles

I was wrestling this week with what to write about. How many snow storms can be talked about? How many restaurants can one guy eat at? How many times can I use the fraze “Damn you Winter!”  before I poor bleach down my favourite Gucci top! Let’s face it most of us are spending an awful amount […]

Squirt! Bam! Splat! Bang!

Before I begin my rant for this week or whatever this blog will turn out to be I want to thank everyone who pops in now and again to respond to my blog. I may not agree with you at times but I do respect your thoughts and certainly am honoured you decided to stop […]